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What do you think?

I have had blood tests done after asking my doc why my eyebrows are getting shorter and scraggier and she said could be thyroid. I have some dry flaky skin on my legs (sometimes worse than others, not too bad at mo), have always been a tired person but seems worse at the moment (or am imagining that, hard to tell), have high cholesterol which is not hereditary (10.2 before meds started), despite gym, healthy eating, personal trainer, getting a job that's more active, increased walking I cannot lose weight, and I have vertigo. All results back are normal range.

Full blood count 12.6 (12-15)

Platelets 276 (150-40)

HBA1C 38 (pre 42-47)

Sodium 134

Potassium 4.4

Creatinine 60

GFR 90 mrs per min

Liver normal

AST 18

ALP 58

Bilirubin 14

TSH 2.23 (0.35-4.5)

T3 and T4 normal range but don't know numbers as they are in range but would not give figures over the phone and appt next week.

I am also menopausal but off HRT now

Anyone's thoughts on numbers would be appreciated or anything else that might be going on

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Welcome to the forum, Sammilou.

Hypothyroid symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by months/years. TSH 2.23 is within normal range but anything >2 is a sign the thyroid is beginning to struggle. FT4 and FT3 may be within normal range but where in range matters. If low, thyroid is definitely struggling. Nevertheless, NHS won't treat until TSH is over range or FT4 &/or FT3 are below range.

High cholesterol can also be a sign of low thyroid levels.

The other results can't be interpreted without ranges but you can find out what the tests are for via


We need the reference ranges as well as the numbers

your symptoms say Hypothyroid

Your Cholesterol screams Hypothyroid

Vital that you get

Thyroid Antibodies


Free T4

Free T3




Vit D3

All 7 are interfependant and MUST BE OPTIMAL not just in range

When we see the figures we can help furthur


Thank you. Will see what doc says on Tuesday. The results without bracketed numbers she didn't give me ranges for so assume I didnt need them. The T3 and T4 I can't get til then as they wont give over the phone but seeing different doc on Tuesday so it's a waiting game now


Were any of these results flagged up? The sodium sounds low - 134 - the range on my last test was 135 - 145. Even if it is at the very bottom but within range it could be another clue that hypo has begun. Do you know what your blood pressure is?


Also GFR at 90, within the normal range if the usual NHS values are used (90 - 9999) but sounds as though it is right at the bottom again... which could be another straw in the wind pointing in the same direction. Not that your GP will listen to any of this. But I think it is worth moving towards a decision of your own.

Is your tongue scalloped? Can you pinch skin easily on your upper arms? If you put your feet together and relax, do you stand steady, and if you then close your eyes do you feel yourself beginning to rock? (Romberg's sign for sensory ataxia).


And no to all the other questions. Quite steady on feet 👍


Blood pressure done today and she said was ok. Didn't give ranges for ones without bracketed numbers so assumed they didn't need a range. I am a woos at the doctors!


Yes they like to think you are stupid

Its vital to always get a print out especially of


Free T4

Free T3

and keep in a file

very very few Doctors or even Endos bother to think about Central Hypothyroid but I know because my husband , daughter and granddaughters all have it

In Central Hypothyroid the pituarity is faulty and so it cant produce the level of TSH to kick the thyroid to produce thyroid in the body hence why its so often missed and too many people get lumbered with CFS/ME diagnosis

Betty Dowsett was the leading ME specialist for light years and she was the one who spotted it in my husband and blew a gasket that anyone had dared to say he had ME


Eyebrows thinning at outer edge is classic thyroid. Free T3 and T4 are more useful than total T3 & T4, which tests were taken?


Doctors on Monday so will know which tests they did after the first lot and the numbers


I did have a funny episode at work today that may or may not be related to whatever is going on. I was talking to the manager where I work and I thought my speech sound strange. And I asked him if I was slurring and he said you are a bit. Didn't matter how hard I tried I couldn't enunciate properly. It lasted about 10 mins. I'll mention it to doc on Monday but just wondered what you guys thought?


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