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NDT ...Can someone advise me by pm, where i can purchase it online without prescription please?


Finally come full circle....Thought id finally found an endo (no 3) who would help me return to health but alas.... Apart from putting me back onto Levo and putting me through another pointless short synthacen test...i havent progressed much. Its been 5 years since my first pleas for help on here and i wish i had listened more carefully to you all instead of having this crazy trust in the NHS system and its doctors.

I am now on a t4/3 combo 150/20 as i donnot convert well ...some of the more minor symptoms have hair doesnt fall out or my toenails fall off etc but a chronic and post exertional fatigue remains. Im also on propanolol for cardiac symptoms .I still insist my' dark' periods are a symptom of a messed up endocrine system and not a clinical depression and i am still stubborn about not taking Anti D's....after refusing my request to trial NDT endo suggested a trial of Anti D ..'as i havent nothing to lose after all ' ....git.

As those who know me, i did have a career in midwifery...this has gone now as my memory and concentration and energy levels were so bad i could not continue. My eldest daughter has 'sub clinical hypoT' now too...just to give me something else to worry about.

My levels are 'normal' of course TSH 0.05, ft4 18, ft3 5.3...i am about to have another full panel of bloods after complaining to my GP that 'as i was now on my own ' with all this was the least she could do for me. Oh yes...i do have to have a sleep study to do and i have a referral to a CFS clinic...yay?

I feel that i have to try NDT now...after all i have nothing to lose...I have ordered Armour through Dr P in the past but...stupidly...i chose to continue waiting for the NHS to cure me...i cant remember where i ordered it from and the bottle has now gone out of date. If anyone can help..with any brands of NDT not going to be able to get a prescription, private or otherwise . Please pm me...i understand about the posting guidelines

Many Thanks in advance...

Karen xxx

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Blimey, 5 years of experimentation. You deserve a medal and a set of stocks to put your doctor in.

How did you feel when you took armour? Was there improvement? Or do you still have the full bottle? There was a report some time ago where medicines which were years and years out of date were still efficacious. You have nothing to lose if you try them.

Xx. G

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