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Where can I buy Armour NDT without prescription in the UK please?

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Can someone please tell me where they are buying their Armour NDT from as in the UK it all has to be done with a prescription and my gp won't give me that and I don't have private insurance? I would really appreciate your help! I've been on synthetic thyroxin for 13 years now and my health is getting worse and worse despite my unprocessed and gluten free diet. My gp won't check my T3 as too expensive. Thanks, Mel

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Thank You soo much! Blue Horizon looks great and they do a cortisol test too. Have been reading your posts and it does sound like you may have adrenal disfunction so may be worth you taking that test too, if you haven't already :) Solgar do a really good Vitamin D3 in olive oil that you can drop under your tongue. Around £16 but lasts around 3 months and very good! Thanks again for this. I am soo happy to have finally found a community that know what I am going through! Look forward to hearing what you find out and I will share too. x

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bethanee in reply to lumamel

This is a good pharmacy to buy medicine with an online consultation europetabs.com

That's great! What a fantastic resource! I'm so grateful to you for helping me x

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blue horizon plus eleven test is most popular option as this also includes vitamin D.

Yes GPs seem to have no idea what we go through. They so often think if TSH is "in range" that we're fixed.

B12, vitamin d, folate and ferritin all need to be at very good (not just average) levels for Levo to work.

Many of us, especially if have Hashimoto's, find that supplementing with selenium, vitamin c with zinc and also magnesium may help too.

Only introduce one supplement at a time and give it a couple of weeks before adding anything else. That way you can check for any improvements or bad reactions.

If supplementing vitamin D you need to check levels regularly as we can not get rid of excess.

If you read posts on here regularly you will learn masses.

It has been life saver for me.

I tried NDT years ago when all my vitamins were not at good levels. Learnt the hard way that that was not any good for me. But considering it again, now I am GF and sorting my low Vit D and low magnesium.

Do you know if you have Hashimoto's? I assume yes, as you are already gluten free.



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lumamel in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks so much for this! Yes was diagnosed 13 years ago with Hashimoto thyroiditis. I'm going to try NDT as my diet I really good and gluten free and taking probiotics for years now and helps but recently things are worse and I've got adrenal exhaustion as well now. I really hope the ndt and vitamins will work. Thanks again x

You can't buy NDT in the UK.

Not without a prescription anyway!

If you don't get any luck with a pm telling you how to import it thyroid UK have a listing of endos that are sympathetic to prescribing ndt/t3. The endo appointment is relatively expensive but it's another way to get ndt. If you want a good endo in London pm me and I'll send over the details of mine (I have a private prescription for ndt. I get 100 1 grain and 100 0.5 grains for around £110. It does keep going up, from a pharmacy on the Thyroid UK listing but I've seen posts recommending a pharmacy in London that's a lot cheaper. However you do need a prescription)

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lumamel in reply to TupennyRush

Hi there, Thanks for replying. Yes please I would appreciate any info on a good endo you can give me. I am in Hertfordshire but London should still be doable but I will talk to them first. Thanks x

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Happyad in reply to TupennyRush

Hi I am in london and I've found the pharmacy but finding a consultant seems to be by luck, who are you using? referral is always best!

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lumamel in reply to Happyad

Hi, I haven't found and endocrinologist yet so still going to my normal GP! Good luck!

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Amattia in reply to TupennyRush

Dear TupennyRush

I have read your post, and I am wondering weater you can help me.

I keep going round in circle trying to find a good endocrinologist and supplier of natural desiccated thyroid.

Could you help me, in suggesting some good endocrinologists

Kind regards


Could you pm me the pharmacy in London that you’ve seen mentioned please? Thank you.

I would be most grateful for this information also please


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Jemari in reply to TupennyRush

Please would you send me details of your endo? My new GP refuses to prescribe NDT for me, unlike my previous GP.

Could you tell me the r bro in London who prescribed NDT. Levo for 15 years has nearly killed me!

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