Reliable online pharmacy for NDT without a prescription

Hi all,

Like many of us I have been battling to be prescribed NDT. I finally found a private Endocrinologist that has been supporting me, but we are about to disagree about dosage and of course it has been very expensive.

I would really appreciate recommendations to where people are souring NDT themselves without a prescription - please PM me with your recommendations 


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  • It has to be from abroad.I obtained Thyroid S from Thailand.

  • Thanks Treepie

  • Please can you tell me from where you exactly obtained Thyroid S in Thailand - the email address I mean.  Thank you in advance. 

  • very sorry but i cannot as it was around nine months ago.I cannot find my emails.I have given up with it as was no different for me than levo.Will yet you know if find it but suggest you put a new post asking others to pm youbwith reliable suppliers.

  • Thanks Treepie

  • Thanks

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