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Thanks for all your info. Some extra info-- I'm 61 , female and always been very active, keen walker and cyclist. I have been on statins a couple of years after routine cholesterol test found high levels of bad cholesterol- can't remember if that's HDL or LDL. I'm not on ant thyroid medication. I'm now not sure how to proceed. With low TSH and low F4 I don't think GP will prescribe thyroxine. Should I buy some NDT? Where would I get it? Or should I see a private endo? I live in rural north west so don't know where I'd find a good consultant. Any advice would be great. Thanks

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  • You probably know that raised cholesterol can be a symptom of Hypothyroidism. Have you read Dr Malcolm Kendrick's book - The Cholesterol Con ? He also has a website with lots of interesting articles....

    LDL is the bad cholesterol - but you may be pleased to hear there is no such thing as good or bad. Cholesterol is a chemical I believe - so is just that - neither good or bad !

    There was a post earlier today about all the research negating the benefits of cholesterol - do take a look. In fact research shows that people with LOW cholesterol are more likely to die - especially in hospital.

    Statins do have side effects....and we need cholesterol. Do you have your latest thyroid results with ranges ? Do post them and people will comment.

    Also have you had Ferritin - Folate - Iron - B12 - VitD tested ? What were the results ? You really need a FT3 result to show what is really going on !

    In the past before thyroid testing in the early 70's - it was assumed you had a thyroid problem if you had a cholesterol issue :-) When your thyroid is optimally treated it is hoped your cholesterol will reduce naturally - but hopefully not too low !

  • Hello Marz,

    If possible can you please provide a link to the above mentioned earlier post concerning the benefits of cholesterol.

    Thank you,


  • Thought I had Flower007 with the link to Dr Kendrick above ! Once you enter his world you will read all you need to know about cholesterol ! You could read Dr Malcolm Kendricks book - The Cholesterol Con - or go to his website and read his articles. The brain is made up of 25% cholesterol - UVB rays cannot synthesise into VitD without cholesterol - the production of all hormones need cholesterol and so on. So blocking it with statins is not a good idea in my non-medical opinion. Over 80% of cholesterol is made in the body - so is there for a reason !

    When arteries were analysed to see what was causing blockages - yes cholesterol was found within the plaque - but so were other things like Homocysteine. However as you only need good B vitamins to lower the levels of Homocysteine - there was no money to be made for Big Pharma and so the life of a statin began ! Cholesterol is deposited as part of a healing process in the artery - like popping a plaster on a cut finger. These areas are normally caused by inflammation somewhere in the body. The homocysteine research was shelved - now re-emerging and people are taking notice. For example people who have B12 Deficiency often have raised levels of Homocysteine. I did :-( It is one of the tests suggested to confirm the condition.

    The information is out there if you would like to check the points I have made....if not then come back and ask me and I will endeavour to search for more ....

    The quote in my earlier post about Cholesterol being neither good or bad as it's a chemical - came from Dr Kendrick himself - at the Thyroid conference last year. Have it firmly documented in my notes ! LDL and HDL are carrier proteins - it was the media that picked up on the Good/Bad Cholesterol concept - probably aided by Big Pharma - to sell it to the people.

  • Marz may be referring to the post I made yesterday :

  • Thank you hb ! :-) I should have quoted your link too !

  • Thank you for great info and links Marz,

    I have been a fan of Dr Kendrick for a while and receive his regular emails on various topics.

    I love the way he writes as is so blunt, ironic with a little bit of sarcasm and a great sense of humour.

    Cholesterol is another mind blowing mine field and my husband is on statins so I have been investigating for quite a while now.

    Yes, I must get that book,


  • Did his GP also prescribe CoQ10 to offset the problems caused by Statins ? Both use the same pathway within the body. Every cell in the body needs CoQ10 - it's the spark that every cell needs to energise it ! Statins block this - hence the muscle weakness et al.... Every Statin presecription should be accompanied by one for CoQ10....

  • No he wasn't prescibed or advised to take CoQ10. He has had to vary doses and switch brands due to aching muscles. I just want him off statins so have been gathering evidence to show him as he is very resistant and still kind of believes in his doctor!

    Thanks again for all this info Marz,


  • Has he had a heart attack ? Does he have a thyroid problem too ?

  • No & no. But diabetic since a child, extremely well managed with no eye, kidney or neuropathy problems what's so ever. I always say this is testament to my great cooking skills and healthy life style. Lol.

    He was only flagged for statins because he is diabetic with only slightly elevated cholesterol.

    It is so wrong.


  • If you click onto Dr Kendricks website I posted - you will see his latest article - statins and diabetes. I realise he has been suffering since childhood - but could the statins be exacerbating the situation ?

  • Probably and that is exactly what worries me.

  • ...didn't want to add to your concerns - sorry .

  • No Marz, thank you for your concern. Any info is so gratefully received.

    I have now ordered Dr Kendrick's book as have so many of his various emails filed and many blogs bookmarked, I can't remember what is where and where is what!


  • His second book - Doctoring Data - is also a good read. It really illustrates how research is skewed in favour of Big Pharma and their greed. Nothing about us getting well !

  • Yes, this is the one. Thanx, humanbean.

  • Hi Thomas29,

    Other posters have already indicated that your thyroid maybe under active, given your low TSH and T4 numbers. And you already suspect you might be.

    I'd go back to your doctor pronto [or find a more reliable, informed one] and ask for a full thyroid function test to include FT3 and antibodies this time [and any other bloods other posters would recommend].

    High cholesterol is often an indicator of hypothyroidism and an informed doctor would test for hypothyroidism before prescribing you statins, as most importantly - statins are contraindicated in untreated hypothyroidism.

    Untreated hypothyroidism is a risk factor for statin-induced myopathy [i.e. muscle aches, cramps, and weakness - and the heart is a muscle]

    All the best,


    When you get those results you could post them back of for others to help you interpret them and advise you [you could also include your cholesterol results too].

  • A low TSH and low free t4 is a sign of the Pituitary not working normally. Secondary Hypothyroidism. Have you had any head injuries?

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