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Blood test results

I would like some feedback on these results. I've had full bloods done. Some are interesting but I'm not sure if others have had such comprehensive testing.

TSH. 1.50.mu/l. 0.05-6.00

FT4 9.1pmol/l. 8.00-18.00

Ferritin. 102ug/l. 11-200

B12. 316ng/l. >140

Folate. 11.3.ug/l. >4

The thing which is strange is the following result which I think relates to inflammatory markers.

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

34mm. 0.00- 21.00

The doctor indicated no action so I didn't make a follow up appointment though I told her I felt very sluggish in the mornings and a lot of brain fog. I'm worried about inflammation as I believe it can lead to heart attacks. I'm taking statins which I shouldn't need as I have a very healthy diet. I do have a lot of stress in my life which is not going to go away. Should I try to find some ndt? Where would I get it?


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Your t4 is right near the bottom of the range. Are you taking any thyroid medication? If so, you would probably benefit from an increase in dose. This would raise your t4 to w more normal level and the the TSH would likely remain in the reference range so there is no reason for your doctor to panic. If you are not on thyroid medication, your blood test results suggest that you aren't producing enough thyroid hormones even though your levels are just within range.

Can I ask why you are on statins? Have you previously had a heart attack? If you have no coronary artery disease and your cholesterol was only slightly high you may not actually need statins. If you do have coronary artery disease or have had a previous heart attack you should definitely continue with the statins. You are right that inflammation in the coronary arteries can cause heart attacks and statins actually reduce the risk of further heart attacks due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Before we can know what is causing your symptoms and whether you may benefit from NDT we will need some more information. Do you have a thyroid condition that has been diagnosed? Are you taking any medication? Do you have a diagnosed autoimmune disease, thyroid or otherwise, that could be contributing to inflammation? Have you ever had antibodies checked? If not it may be worth asking for your thyroid antibodies to be checked.

On a side note, your vitamin B12 level could do with being a little higher. This may help with some of your symptoms.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn for your info. No, I have not been diagnosed with any thyroid condition but I feel I have some of the symptoms,very sluggish in the morning, put on weight easily and brain fog.

I have been on statins for a few years after blood tests showed high levels of bad cholesterol --the HDL. This was surprising as I have a very healthy diet---fruit, veg, nuts,seeds,fish. Interestingly my husband had a cholesterol test around same time and his levels were excellent, yet we both had same diet.

I'm not sure what to do now. Return to GP and ask for a trial on medication or buy some NDT and from where. By the way I'm 61 and still working part time.

Thanks Thomas 29


Do you know exactly what you're cholesterol results were? It may be that you don't actually need the statins and the statins are causing some of the problems.

You may benefit from taking B vitamins, particularly B12.

It would also be worth getting your vitamin D treated. Deficiency can cause a lot of the symptoms you describe.

The best time of day to get your thyroid tests is first thing in the morning as that gives a more accurate indication of how high your TSH is actually getting. It is highest early morning.


Thanks for info. No I don't have figures for cholesterol but the ratio of bad to good was high so it was advised. I'm on a low dose of 10mg. Do you think I could ask for a trial of thyroxine?



You could ask based on your t4 being at the bottom of the range but it is unlikely any NHS doctor will prescribe.


I'm disappointed to hear that. Guess I would need to wait a while until T4 falls outside range. What would you advise? Could I try with NDT? Where could I source it? Appreciate your advice.


To Carolyn B

Would appreciate your response to yesterday's post on how to proceed. Thanks


It would be best to speak to your GP first. If you don't get anywhere, try asking for a referral to an Endocrinologist. If that doesn't work, come back to us and we'll take it from there.


Thanks for that. Will try that route first.


When I had my first Endo visit in 2013, I pointed out that my cholesterol was raised on my blood test results and he told me that is quite a common thing in Hypothyroid patients.He has never checked it since and I'm thinking that they reckon it should come down if you have the right level of medication.I 've never been prescribed statins.I asked my GP if I would have to take them and he said no.From all I read about them I'm happy with that.


your free t4 is way too low hence why your cholesterol is high ...............get off those statins they have more side effects than you realise

Your Ferritin , B12 and folate are good which is great

Since your TSH is low and also your free T4 is low it indicates to me that you have Central Hypothyroid as opposed to Primary Hypothyroid which may be all your GP knows about

Go back and raise this issue after you have done a google search on Central Hypothyroid .................its different and seldom recognised by most doctors

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Hello Thomas29,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

Your results look ok-ish but would actually depend on whether you are medicated on thyroid hormone replacement or not.

Why are you taking statins?

High cholesterol can be a result of a mismanaged thyroid disorder.


This explains why cholesterol is so affected by thyroid hormones. I have only read the first few pages.


I don't know what Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is.


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Thanks for your info. Ecy sedimentation rate is a market for inflammation in the body.

As for statins I have high levels of bad cholesterol, diagnosed about 3 years ago despite a very good diet of home prepared foods.

Do you think a trial of Levo would be good? Because my TSH is normal the GP will be very unwilling to prescribe even though T4 is just within range. Had same test done last year and T4 was one level higher so I guess if I wait another year I will fall outside the range anyway but I don't feel like I should have to wait until I feel even worse. Should I buy some NDT and from where. Or should I see an endo privately. Any advice helpful. Thanks


Diet has very little to do with cholesterol levels in the body. The food Industry are just out to make money on foods that are supposed to lower cholesterol. Over 85% of cholesterol is made in the body - and so it is there for a reason. You need cholesterol as the brain is over 25% cholesterol - it is needed so the suns rays can convert in the skin into VitD - and of course it is needed in the production of ALL hormones. There is absolutely no research that indicates women are helped by taking statins. Read the articles on ...


You may also wish to read his book - the Cholesterol Con. You mentioned about your bad cholesterol - well cholesterol is a chemical and cannot be either good or bad. This was explained to us at the Thyroid Conference last year by Dr Kendrick himself :-) Good and Bad was a great bit of media hype to get people on board with the statin story. It is now well and truly implanted in everyone's brain....including the Docs.

I am concerned that as cholesterol is needed for the brain - could it be why Alzheimers is on the increase with over 7 million in the UK on Statins......of course I am not medically qualified - just an avid reader. If you want more information please do ask.

Also did your GP also prescribe CoQ10 with your statin ? Statins block the production of CoQ10 - something that is needed to create the spark/energy in EVERY cell of your body.


...and your B12 is way TOO LOW :-)


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