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Help! Need cheap private blood testing in the UK?

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but have joined because my GP has not been straight with me these last 2 years now and have finally looked at maybe doing something about it for myself and thinking of my thyroid gland and my GP testing a thyroid hormone and saying everything is ok don't worry.

But then I look at the internet and there is a lot of information there saying that I should test for more things so I ask my Doctor and he says NO.

I had a look at getting private blood testing - there is a company in America where it seems I can get things done quite cheaply but I would have problems sending them my blood. What I have decided I need to test privately is tsh, ft4, ft3, antibodies, folate, vitamin b12 and ferritin, and have found an online company in the UK called medicheks but it will cost me £247! Bupa and Nuffield want to see me first and a referral too and I don't want to ask my doctor asyou could understand.

Can anyone recommend a doctor in the UK that can do this a bit cheaper - it doesn't seem fair that I have to pay at all but 247 is too much - I can get it done in the USA for a lot less!

Thanks, J.

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Have a look at ThyroidUK website page about private testing

I've just used Blue Horizon and had blood drawn at The Spire. You can also have blood drawn at a Nuffield hospital and there are also finger prick tests you can do at home. They are reasonably priced. See which suits you best.


Welcome to the forum, Janet444. Check out Blue Horizon and Genova's tests in the link SeasideSusie posted above. If you can afford to add vitamin D to your list it is worth doing so. I think BH have a comprehensive panel of thyroid and vit/min tests for £89 after using the TUK discount but I'm not sure whether it is hometest fingerprick testing or whether you will need a phlebotomist. Your local hospital phlebotomy dept might agree to do phlebotomy for £10 to £20.


Hi Janet444, Blue Horizon do a test which includes FT4, FT3, TT3/4, antibodies, folate, ferritin, B12 and CRP for £99 as a finger prick test.


First, I would ask your doctor's surgery for a print-out of all the results of all the tests that have been done. You are entitled to this, although they can make a small charge.

Then, I would write to them, politely but firmly pointing out that you really do want to feel better, listing your symptoms and requesting those tests. They are all tests that your doctor could and should do for you and you shouldn't have to pay.

Is there another doctor at the surgery that you can see? We all seem to stick with the same doctor ( I do) and somehow feel bad about seeing a different one, yet I don't think the docs give it a second thought. They just see whoever is on their list for the day.


Before you do anything private PLEASE go to your GP and insist on your legal right of a copy of your blood tests

With them we will know what needs testing and what you need to do next

Do not go rushing off to any private testing without proper guidance as to what you really need

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Hi. I had the same issue with my GP. I used which cost around £160 to test full spectrum including folate, B12, T3, antibodies etc. I called them, ordered online, got the blood "passport" immediately then called the nearest recommended clinic which was in Reading. I had my blood taken the next day and full results 5 days later. If all your results are in range, they give you £100 refund. Mine were a mess though - particularly B12 and something called ALT (liver related I believe). If anything is out of range, they get a doctor to write advisory notes for you. It was great - I totally recommend it! If you need any more info, message me and I can send you the report I received.

Good luck. It's a shame our GP's won't offer these tests but thankfully there are these services that can help.


Some labs usally only do the TSH and T4 and if 'normal' wont do any others even if GP asked.

This is a list of symptoms - tick yours and I'll also put another couple of links.

Always get a print-out of your blod tests for your own records and so that you can post if you have a query.

If you are put on levothyroxine and a test is done about every six weeks till you get to an optimum dose, leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the blood test which should be as early as possible, fasting (you can drink water).


Thank you so much everybody - yes, I have decided I will try the thyroid check plus ten by the blue horizon medicals - with the discount it is just £89 and seems to include what I ned. The smartblood looks good too but I'm over 2 hours away from the nearest location.

Does anyone know how difficult it is to collect blood by pricking my finger?

Thanks, J. :-)


I have just sent away my blood test for vitamin D and that was a finger prick test. I found it quite easy but whether it varies for different people I don't know. Hope that helps you. You can but try these things.


Hi Janet444 i have done 2 with BH they are very easy to do as long as you remember to milk your finger and not to squeeze it but as win-4ever said it is different for everyone wishing you all the best


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