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Private testing full blood or pin prick?

Ok so thnking about getting the whole lot thyroid related retested privately. Two choices, full blood test (live nowhere near a Spire hosp - Blue Horizon) daren't ask the GP or pin-prick testing of advanced thyroid at home but this won't include rt3 or any others like B12 etc.

Is there an easy way to get the lot sorted in one go without having to travel 100 miles? I'm in south Dorset.

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I just responded to you about this on your other thread! Check out the info on Thyroid UK's main website for home blood test kits



Wish to order a Genova test and it is asking for the practioners 5 digit code. How do I go ahead with this without a code please?


On the leaflet that you can download from the Thyroid UK web page, each test has it's own 'Order Code'.

I think you need to quote the code for the test you require, and also say your practitioner is Thyroid UK.



I've just done a home blood test through Blue Horizon for the full thyroid test including anitbodies. They do a cheaper one for TSH, T3 and T4 if that is what you need, for which I have posted the link.

It was painless easy and fairly quick. My results came back showing I am within range so am no doing one for B12, ferritin and folate to see if that is the problem. Apparently there is a discount code, but I didn't use that as I don't think I was elligble.

Here's hoping something shows up or I won't know where to turn next!!

Good luck



They have a new site:

Type "thyroid" into the search box.


HI I am sure you can use the finger prick for all their tests now, I had a letter about it when they started doing it. I would phone, they are very helpful.

Best wishes.,



I've a feeling that if you just use the finger prick test, then you just get a result of 'within/without' range. Does anyone know if this is the case? By this, I presume that if you have a conventional blood test through Blue Horizon, then you get a full rundown of results, e.g. TSH 3, range of 0.5 - 5.


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