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Repeat Prescriptions


Anyone else ever had a repeat prescription of levo rejected due to a missed blood test? I have been hypo for the last 13/14 years, never changed doctors. I've actually gone 2 yrs in past without a blood test checking TSH, because I self treat, but I went to the docs in Feb complaining of aches and pains and gurgly calf muscles, the doc said I'll send you for a liver function test, which I always think is a blood test they send you for when they don't have a clue what is wrong with you, so i didn't go, as I've had this gurgly calf thing before anyway and it goes on its own eventually, I just thought I'd get it checked this time round.

Anyway...requested a repeat prescription for levo on Monday this week, and thankfully the docs receptionist rang to let me know that it had been rejected...I ask why and she says it's because the doc wants you to have a blood test first. But I say well the reason I have put the request in is that I am almost out of them and I go on holiday Middle of next week and I will run out before then anyway and it'll take a week or two of getting a docs apt. just to get a blood test slip, by which time I will have been out of them for at least two weeks, maybe longer with my weeks holiday fast approaching! She said she'll have a word with the doc, said she would call me back. No call back...! I phoned yesterday and asked what was going on and had to explain all over again to another receptionist, once again she said leave it with her but did say it was because I missed this blood test back in Feb, I said but that was just a liver function test, but she said the doc I saw had also included TSH too... I said I didn't realised that she had inc TSH. And I'd had it checked last August!

But how ridiculous that I had been allowed a repeat prescription in all the other months in between Feb and June...! The thing that is really annoying is that this doc has no idea who I am, I've never met her, she is new to my surgery! It's not like my hypo condition is going to go away, with or without a blood test! How dare she reject my prescription and is it even ethical? What if I had asthma and missed a check up with the asthma nurse, but had almost run out of my inhalers and couldn't get an apt. with the nurse for weeks and was going on holiday!

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If they checked your TSH in February, then you've had your blood test for this year. So they should give you a prescription. But what was the TSH result? Are they saying you no longer need medication? I think you need to talk to this doctor and ask what's going on and explain that you are going away. Maybe ask for an emergency appointment. If it's refused, heaven forbid that anyone should recommend this, but A&E may be the only other option. What are you self treating with? LB


If you have a walk-in Clinic go there. I doubt the A&E will deal with prescribing levothyroxine. Or, speak to your pharmacist and see what he/she says.

Usually, when we are stable we only need a yearly blood test.


Hi lisabex, no I didn't go in Feb because I only thought the doc was sending me for liver function due to the gurgly calf thing and I thought what a waste of time, but it hasn't even been 12 months since I last had my TSH check in August 2014. Self treat with levo I mean. But should have specified I self dose by how I feel. Have kicked up a fuss and now I have a 28 day supply of levo.


The clue is in the " new doctor" bit JillOliver.

She has probably been looking through your records for a recent thyroid hormone blood test and is now being awkward.

I agree it is outrageous to suddenly refuse issuing a prescription and if this were me I would ask to speak with the doctor or at least the surgery manager.

Why don't you won't a blood test? Most of us like to be aware of what is going on with our thyroid hormones. You never know, a blood test and a possible dose change (if required) might solve those annoying symptoms you are experiencing.

Last August is nearly a year ago and our health issues can change. Have all the bloods tests offered because you don't have to act on them, particularly if you self medicate, and can always refuse further investigations depending on what they throw up



Flower007, to be honest I ddin't know that the doc I saw in Feb had added a thyroid blood test, as all she said to me was I will send you for a liver function test. I am over medicated anyway and my thyroid blood tests always come back as abnormal, and every year I get told to lower my levo, but why should I when I feel perfectly fine most days.


It is ridiculous, but at some point it will have been flagged that you haven't had a thyroid test, and that costs the surgery money. If they let more than a certain percentage off they are marked down and so it can be quite expensive.

New doctor who is a bit more on the ball financially, or just a call or visit from the enforcers, either might have triggered that response.

In principle its good practise to make sure patients are monitored. In reality its a pain for those of us who self treat and therefore throw results that the doctors don't understand. My life has been much easier since I stopped taking the levo altogether! Now its up to me whether I want a test or not, and in general I am happy to self treat (with NDT) on symptoms alone.


Ruthi, funny you should say that you feel life is now much easier sibce you stopped taking the levo and its now up to you whether you have blood tests done, as I have an doctors apt. next Monday to get the blood test done, but I am going to ask about me coming off it altogether and taking something else, would love to take or at least try NDT, but wouldn't even know where to start getting it from, let alone the cost, as I dare say that if I ask the doc next Monday to be referred to an endo, I wouild get the same response as when I asked a few years ago, which was no (different doc mind...), but he said that I wouldn't even make it past triage...


since... :-/



I totally see why to you are reluctant to have blood tests as you don't want an enforced dose reduction if your results dictated that you needed one (going by TSH and too wide ranges).

However, if you just avoid the blood test that your GP has requested, you risk rightly or wrongly being denied your thyroxine prescription.

If you are thinking of trying NDT you don't hold a lot of hope asking your GP.

You could try emailing louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org and asking for a list of endos who members have had previous positive experiences with, or you could buy NDT online and self medicate with advice from others who do this. (I don't self medicate.)

I hope you manage to make a decision shortly and keep well.



Thanks for the advice flower, but I wasn't avoiding the blood test, as I didn't realise that the doc I saw in Feb had 'also' requested TSH to be done when she only told me that she was sending me for a liver function test, which I knew would be a complete waste of time re the gurgly calf issue and so I never went. I had a TSH blood test last August, so not even a year ago, so I see no reason why my prescription 'this time' should be refused, when I have had repeat prescriptions of levo in months in between Feb and now...I do not think they can do this, or should be allowed to do this and when I see my usual doctor next Mondy, I will make my point!


That problem you have of "gurgly calf muscles" might be benign fasciculations. You can see videos of this on Youtube believe it or not :


I had/have this. Taking magnesium citrate supplements and improving my iron levels reduced the problem a lot.


Thanks humanbean, I already take a magnesium citrate supp and iron :-)

Thanks for the info though, interesting.....will watch the video at home, as I am work and its blocked :-/


at work.... :-/ have brain fog today....! :-z




Your doctors practice gets paid to do your blood tests. They have to keep a register of all patients with chronic conditions and your annual blood test is part of the conditionsand funding.

TT xx.


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