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I have been granted the allowance of Aliud Levothyroxine, but it seems that the only place I can get it near me is at Springfield Pharmacy, Tollesbury, Essex. Although this is relatively near me, it is far enough away for it to be awkward if I or my husband were unable to drive. The Pharmacist has said this prescription could be sent electronically, but my surgery have said this could not be done as it was out of area. I understood and the Pharmacist has confirmed that a prescription can be sent anywhere in the UK. I have asked all local pharmacies if they can get this Levo, but they have said no. Can anyone lead me to information that says a prescription can be sent electronically to any pharmacy in UK please.

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  • J-Bee,

    Can't you fax or email a scan of your prescription to Springfield?

  • Thanks for the thought Clutter. I will have to ask the Pharmacist if my surgery persist in not complying with this request. Was hoping for some written information on this though.

  • JB,

    As long as your nominated pharmacy AND doctors surgery offer EPS you should be able to nominate any pharmacy.

    Ask at your surgery if they are using the electronic prescription service.





  • Thanks Radd, this is just the information I need. I know that both the Pharmacist (very helpful) and surgery (awkward) use EPS. Hopefully it will be as simple as changing designated pharmacy (which is Boots so am quite happy to do that). have printed this information and will be taking it to surgery in the next hour.

  • Hi, I used to have a Moorfields made non preserve drop and they the surgery can get ANY chemist to order your meds etc... 1st time you can explain that this will be a regular thing you take and they then make sure the process is easy... It's not that difficult.. Why do these people make everything such a drama! That will deplete your b12 no end... Can I ask what was wrong with the othe t3 ? What symptoms you had 😊 x

  • Scorpiojo, Aliud Levothyrooxine is T4 and has been the best for getting my FT4 back to what it was (almost) before CCG changed my Eltroxin to Mercury Pharma T4. Think they make it so awkward that they hope you will give up on requesting prescriptions for what you want/need. I, personally, did not think it was as difficult as they make out. Don't know where they get their information on procedures from, or if they bother to read this information in the first place.

  • oh... T4 sorry my mistake... It's funny when you see them on strike you can feel less and less sympathy coming from folk on the street... When you see those on here begging for jabs, or like me doing it yourself in secret and praying supplies remain reasonable for the rest of your life, it's no wonder sympathy is going!! You can get your prescription anywhere.. It's the same as if you were on holiday and forgot your meds... Nothing is impossible! X

  • Have just been to surgery to try and get this sorted. Apparently I first have to be de-designated from present pharmacy and then go and be designated at pharmacy I want to send prescriptions to. Got the good receptionist this afternoon and she is so helpful.

  • J-bee,

    I suspect that will mean ALL of your prescriptions may be sent to Springfield.

  • Clutter,

    I imagine so, but as I would have to go into see GP for anything else, then I would just ask for a 'green' prescription there and then and take it to local pharmacy. What a complicated World this is getting to be! Thank you all for answers.

  • Annonymouse21, it is when you nominate a pharmacy to have your electronic prescriptions sent to them. I went in my designated pharmacy this morning and became undesignated. Have to collect my prescription tomorrow and take it to new pharmacy and designate them to be my new pharmacy of choice.

  • Get your prescription delivered.

  • glynisrose, I have just arranged all this.

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