Help needed with results please 12 years sick

It's only been the last three years that I have been confined mostly to bed. I can get up and do stuff but I'm wacked afterward. I have all symptoms of hypothyroidism, even put on 5 stone but GP laughs and and obviously thinks I eat too much, was never large before. My life has been hell. Two GP doctors were willing to try me on thyroid med but the big dog who owns surgery said no twice. I went private, great doc by the way but he needs to work by deduction method and bc my cortisol was low, though normal, he wanted to try steroids first. They did not work so I'm back to wondering if it's thyroid related. The private doc will no doubt help me with but it cost me £188 for a two week supply of steroids not to mention I have no cover so pay as I see him so add that to the bill. He is great though and allows me to bring NHS blood results in as he realises I'm struggling and that I can't work. Anyway, just got these results from GP receptionists. I don't understand them, any help really appreciated.

Thyroid function test

TSH L0.18. (0.30-4.20) range

FT3. 4.5 (2.5-5.7)

FT4. 11.0 (9.0-23.0)

Please help me if you can. Any advice would help. Maybe, I do just have ME, Fybromyalgia, CFS... So sad, lost so many years.

thanks in advance c

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  • Funtimefrankie, TSH is low, FT4 is low in range but FT3 is good over half way through range. It's unusual that TSH is so low when FT4 is low and may indicate TSH deficiency due to some pituitary dysfunction.

    It's possible that some of the medication you are taking for other conditions or the steroids have suppressed your TSH. I believe another member has found TSH becomes suppressed shortly after she has steroid injections. I recommend retesting thyroid in 3-6 months. If FT4 falls without TSH rising your GP should investigate secondary hypothyroidism (pituitary dysfunction) or tertiary hypothyroidism (hypothalmic dysfunction).

  • Nōt taking any meds. Steroids wastwo months ago and ony for days. Thanks for help x

  • Frankie, pursue the secondary hypothyroidism suggestion with your GP.

  • I notice you posted two years ago. It does look like you have a minor pituitary problem which leads to a low TSH and an fT4 which is too low. I think you should be given a trial of thyroid hormone. Given your situation this should start off with a low dose. If you have taken steroids you should come off them gradually.

    Insist on a trial of thyroid hormone. Although the fT3 is OK, it tends to be the sum of both fT3 and fT4 that matters. What medications are you taking at the moment?

  • Only took steroids for days and stopped two months ago. Sorry I was not clear x

  • Looks to me like you have Central or tertiary Hypothyroid and your doctor is wrong to refuse you a trial of thyroxine

    given low income state I would simply self treat with NDT it would be a fraction of the £188 for a private doctor

    PM me for supplier

  • Speaking to doc today so let's she what she has to say. Will PM if no luck

  • I'm 45

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