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I'm posting these results again hoping someone knows something that I don't. Still suffering with hair loss, fatigue, no sex drive, easy bruising severe pmt, with no answers. are these results normal. I'm 6ft tall 9.5 stone, 30 years old female. There is no history of thyroid problems in my family.

Thyroxine(t4) 110 (58-161nmol/l)

TSH 1.46 (0.40-4.00 Nmol/l)

Ft4. 14.2. (11.5-22.7)

Free t3 5.4. (2.8-6.5)

Ft4 ft3 ratio. 2.6 (2.0-4.5)

Reverse t3. 0.47. (0.14-0.54)

Thyroglobulin <20. <40

Per oxidase <10. <35

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Well, you TSH could be a tad lower, and your FT4 and your FT3 could be higher. So, I think you need an increase in dose.

But have you had your vit d, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin tested? If any of these are low, they will cause symptoms. Low iron, for example, will cause hair loss. So, if you haven't done so, best to get them tested. :)



I can't find my results but I know my latest ferritin result was 29 (15-150 range) I tried to argue its on the low end of normal but they were having none of it and said that my hemaglobin is normal so it wouldn't be causing symptoms! They have pretty much told me they can't do anything else for me! I'm in the process of changing doctors at the moment


Yeah, well, there's two ways to take that a) I'm too ignorant to know how to help you; b) I Don't want to help you, I can't be bothered, it would mean actually doing some work!

That is much too low - no Wonder you're losing your hair. You really must supplement that yourself or your body won't be able to use the hormone you're giving it. It needs to be at least mid-range.


Thanks for your replies. So in regards to the thyroid should I take the results to the new doctor and see what they think? I can try and up my iron but unfortunately iron tablets make me ill. Soon I'm not going to have any hair at the front of my head :( month by month it's getting worse. I have been occasionally taking spatone iron drinks but it's only got my iron up from 26 to 29 in about 6 months :-(


Have you tried taking vit C with your iron? What about Solgar's gentle iron?

Of course you should show your new doctor your results, and explain to him your difficulty taking iron and the results low iron is having on your hair. Can't do any harm to ask. He might even be helpful, you never know.


Yeah Iv tried vitamin c iv tried taking with a large meal tried all different shop brands 2 different ones the doctors prescribed they all give terrible stomach cramps upset stomach and make me feel sick. Not fun when you have a 2 year old to look after. Will go to see my new doctor next week and start from the beginning see what he has to say


Let us know how you get on, Laralou. x


Laralou29, Your results don't indicate a thyroid problem. Antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). TSH in healthy people is usually between 0.5-1.7. FT4 could be higher in range but >14 is acceptable and your FT3 is excellent in the top third of range. It's low T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms.

Your ferritin is very low. Low iron can cause hairloss and fatigue. As you can't tolerate iron supplements the Cambodian iron fish may be helpful


Hi clutter. Thanks for ur reply. Why do the doctors keep telling me my iron is fine and wouldn't be causing symptoms then. I feel so angry with them :-(


Laralou, Ferritin is fine to your doctors because it is within range. There's a difference between 'normal' and optimal and if one isn't feeling well optimising levels can make a big improvement. Your GP could have prescribed iron but as you don't tolerate supplements a prescription won't be helpful so try the iron fish which is working for Cambodians in the trial areas.

It may be an idea to have your vitamin D, B12 and folate tested when you move practice. Low/deficient levels can make people very fatigued and unwell.


Ok thank you I will ask for those tests too.


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