Time bomb

Hi don't know if anyone else gets this feeling but I had the worst night ever it's like my body everywhere is simmering even my face as if it's going to explode I am posting my latest bloods any advice would be appreciated

Serum cortisol 414 nmol/l. Morning range 171/536 nmo

Tyroid antibody hi 410 iu/ml

Serum iron 11 nmol/L (10-30)

Transferrin 2.62 (2.0-3.6)


B12 637 (101-663)

Folate. Hi. 19.1. (4.6-18.7)

T4 hi 23.9 (12-22)

Tsh 1.07 (0.27 4.2)

Free triiodothyronine 3.3. (3.1-6.8)

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You're not converting at all, are you. Not suprised you feel bad. You need some T3. Do you have a range for that antibody? Which one is it?

Thanks gg for the reply . No I just don't feel my normal self I havnt improved at all . It's it's tyroid per oxidase 410. Iu/ ml. ( 34). I'm really not sure now about the iron one is high . Think it's connected to b12 :) thanks so much

No, iron and B12 are two different things. Your iron is very low, your ferritin is just a bit low, should be mid-range, perhaps you should supplement that a bit.

Your vitamin B12 is good, but not optimal - optimal is 1000. It's your folate that is high, another B vitamin. But Don't worry about it.

Your TSH is good but your FT4 is high. However, your FT3 is very low and that means you're not converting.

You do have Hashi's, and Hashi's people often Don't convert very well and have to take T3.

Has your doctor seen these results?

Yes he said no way would any endo change anything because I am in range an that's when I said I don't think I'm converting an he laughed an said your reading to much . I think il have to look for a private doc ? . Thanks for explaining this again really appreciate. :)

Well, he's just an idiot! How dare he laugh at you? I would have been furious! If he does'nt know about people not converting, it's him that doesn't read enough!!!

I hope you find a doctor that knows what he's talking about.

I know I was embarrassed at the time he made me feel like an idiot . But I am p....d of now so I think il ring the surgery tmw an ask to c a diff doc because I've worked from I left school an my parents before me we've paid all our dues so why should I pay out because he obviously hasn't read enough . Thank you

Well, I agree with you - to a certain extent. The problem is that with any NHS doctor you're going to find the same level of ignorance, and the same stupid guidelines by which they abide. They are all pretty ignorant, I'm afraid.

Your 100 percent right . Also it would prob take about 2 weeks to get an app . I'm just angry because I know I am not right . I will make enquiries to get a good endro :(. Rage

Anger can be a very positive thing! Strike while the iron is hot!!! :)

Lol will do

Donna, I've edited unmolested to nmol/L and deleted your other post.

You can edit your own posts by clicking on the v down arrow underneath your post and selecting Edit. Click on the orange Edit response button to submit your changes.

Oh thank you . Sorry for that

I'm not telling you off Donna, just 'splaining how to do it :-D

I know your not . Your to nice just sorry tho for inconvenience :)

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