Hc or adrenal cortex

I need to get my head around adrenal support. I have read so many different things that my brain has cut out. Apparently you shouldn't take either for too long, especially the HC, or your adrenal glands will be permanently damaged. How long is too long? How can you know when your adrenals are recovered? Would really appreciate some advice please.

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  • elsa, 

    These are two completely different products. 

    Hydrocortisone has to be multi dosed in physiological amounts to replace the missing cortisol. It suppresses the ACTH feedback loop which would normally stimulate natural cortisol production so giving the adrenal glands a rest. 

    I haven't medicated HC but read Dr P recommends tailing off after 8 weeks and restarting if the patient looses ground.

    Dr P loves Nutri Advarnced Glandulars and has taken them himself for many years but these contain the adrenaline not always suited to all. Adrenal Cortex does not contain the adrenaline and is intended to support the adrenals sympathetically, encouraging them into better health and secreting larger amounts of cortisol.

    I think an adrenal glandular should be the first choice of adrenal support and HC used if adrenals aren't responding. Good adrenal health can take a while and will be encouraged with a healthy life style, good eating & sleeping habits, optimal thyroid meds and iron & nutrients. I supplement additional Vit C, fish oils and Vit E. Many find adaptogenic herbs beneficial

  • Thanks for your reply radd. It was the adrenaline I was wondering about. I'm working on the rest, have the vits in place and also trying macca and ashwagandha for extra support. Good diet too and trying my best with the sleeping. I know the revered doc loves the Nutri products and so I guess that's as good a place to start as anywhere.

  • Don't forget that adrenals need salt and vit C. :)

  • Hi greygoose....thanks. I take vit c and eat a lot of salt....noticed I was craving it some time ago, did some reading and discovered a lot of interesting stuff. I use the Himalayan pink.

  • I tried all sorts of supplements for adrenals but non of them worked for me. I am on HC now 20 mg per day and I feel better. I am on it for a few months, I don't know how long I will be on it, I am so much better so I think I am afraid to stop. I get it without prescription from the same place I order my T3 from.

  • Hello Pink_Rabbit....I'm guessing that's 20mg divided over the day. Could you pm me where you get it from do you think?

  • PM'd you.

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