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Which adrenal test should I go for?

There are 3 that Genova offer, namely adrenal stress profile, comprehensive adrenal stress profile and finally cortisol awakening response.

I've been taking Isocort and have finished my supply but can't say that I feel any better. Dr P said that my adrenals were poor and he recommended Nutri Adrenal which I took then stopped as it disagreed with me.

Is it worth spending a lot of money to have this test done?


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If you know your adrenals are an issue?!


Fair point, I'm just assuming they are! It could of course be that T3 isn't the right thing for me. Just getting more and more frustrated with this.


Have you checked your iron, ferritin, B12 and folate levels? The reason you are not well on T3 could be because of deficiencies in any of these. If you are sure these levels are good, and you want to test your cortisol levels, the first one should be adequate for informing you whether you have an adrenal issue.

Have you considered trying Paul Robinson's circadian T3 method? Many people have a lot of success recovering their adrenals in this way. It is to do with the timing of your first morning dose to enable your body to have enough T3 available to make cortisol during the time where your body needs and would normally make the most cortisol. People using this method often need lower doses of T3 than they would otherwise need.


Carolyn - Yes, those have all been tested. I did try the CT3M but couldn't cope with being woken up by the alarm, couldn't get back to sleep, had bad headaches and nausea.

Am in the process of going gluten-free as well as using lactose-free dairy products. Well, I do have some delicious West Country Cheddar to finish first! Lactose-free milk is most acceptable, wasn't expecting that!

Thanks for your advice.


Hi Cinnamon - am sending you a PM. Jane x x


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