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really good adrenal (cortex) supplement?

Sorry if this has already been discussed:

I would like to know if anyone can recommend a really good product for adrenal fatigue?

I have read so much about this...some recommend adrenal cortex extract (ACE) products only, to avoid additional adrenaline, while others say that, once the adrenal fatigue is severe enough, ACE alone won't be enough, but you will need whole glandulars...

As far as I have been able to ascertain, there is only one product containing porcine adreanal (Adrenotrophic). The rest of the products on the market all seem to contain bovine adrenal/ACE. I don't know if porcine adrenal is considered closer to human body chemistry, just like porcine NDT is said to be closer to human body chemistry than thyroid hormone from other animals, such as cows or sheep...?

Has anyone taken a really good OTC product, either ACE or whole adrenal? I read that the recommended substitution for Isocort is SR Adrenal but, unlike Isocort, SR contains whole adrenal...plus several adaptogens. If anyone has tried SR, I'd be really interested in an honest review (that goes for all adrenal supplements, ACE or whole adrenal).

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Cat, look at the reviews for Thorne Cortex and Cortrex at iherb.com.


Thank you, Heloise! I like Thorne's supplements, so I placed an order for both. Especially the Cortrex is quite pricey, so I expect them to work really well:-)

On a more serious note, I saw that Cortrex contains licorice, and I am on blood pressure medication. Licorice is known to raise BP. However, my BP is lowish now (118/74) so, even if Cortrex raises it slightly, it should be OK...at least I hope. I will keep an eye on my BP.


I have found NutriMeds adrenal cortex the best.


I placed an order for this product and, within a couple of hours, NutriMeds contacted me and told me they have this other product, called Adrenavive III, which is just as good, but much cheaper...they asked if I would be interested in trying that out instead. Has anyone else tried Adrenavive and can comment on it?


The original Adrenavive was not as good. I tried it and it sucked - but this is a new formula with just 250mg Adrenal Cortex. The old one contained other stuff. It's not from Nutri meds (US) but Procept (EU) the-natural-choice, who have a 10% off offer on Adrenavive. Probably worth a try. It seems as though lots of places are discontinuing the Nutri meds one - cost or cost of importing or perhaps Nutri meds themselves are stopping it.


I contacted Nutrimeds, and they told me they have no intention of discontinuing Adrenal Cortex (or any other product). I realise I made a mistake in my earlier post, when I said Nutrimeds asked me if I would accept Adrenavive instead. It was in fact the UK supplier I've been using (The Natural Health Choice) that asked me this; Nutrimeds is innocent!


Here, it says that the product has been discontinued...and the UK supplier asked me if I would be willing to accept Adrenavive instead...



May not be any other option unless one of the other suppliers has old stock

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Thank you, I have used their thyroid supplements in the past, and found them excellent as well.


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