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Due to see endocrinologist this morning. Looking at results. In October 2014 before treatment TSH 4.56 (0.270 - 4.2) FT4 13.78 (12 - 22) FT3 5.00 (3.1 - 6.8) TSH went up to 5.87 NHS test Nov so doctor started 25mg levothyroxine but refused to increase when TSH dropped below 5. Started Nature-throid Feb been taking 1 grain to April felt ok TSH 0.68 no other thyroid tests done, Cortisol 9 am 702 (150-720). Was told to increase to 1 1/2 grain never managed this, new batch NDT never felt right since but other health problems, also started HRT for 24 days at same time now stopped. My latest results show TSH 0.295 FT4 11.7 FT3 4.5 (same ranges) My endocrinologist has suggested that I am at the point of overmedication, my question is why have my levels of FT3 & FT4 dropped since treatment began? Any advice welcome.

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Maycov, Low TSH doesn't mean overmedication. FT4 and FT3 have to be over range to be over medicated. Your high TSH previously was flogging your thyroid to produce T4 and T3. The T3 in NDT can lower FT4, that isn't anything to worry about. If you're still symptomatic a dose increase will raise FT3 but will also lower TSH. Perhaps you could try 1/4 grain increase for a couple of weeks and if you tolerate it increase to 1.5 grains previously advised.


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