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Hi all its been a while since I've posted. Got blood results today TSH 2.250 range 0.27/4.2 T4 18.3 range 12/22 T3 free 4.8 range 3.1/6.8 they're the best they've been in over a year but why I'm I still tired gaining loads of weight and aching bones. Faxing bloods to private endo Monday and then she's doing phone consultation. Just need your brilliant advice as to what to ask for. Do I push for trial of T3 agIn or do I wait for another couple of weeks on the dosage I'm on now and see if my body catches up with the blood results. I've been taking 100 eltroxin for 6 days and 75 for 1 day for past eight weeks. Have improved a little energy wise but not near feeling normal. My hair and eyebrows are growing back but that's about it. Everytime I go on 100 eltroxin I start to go overactive so what do I do now. Thanks

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  • Mauds, TSH is too high, most are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 but FT4 and FT3 are good. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months so may improve but gaining weight, fatigue and aching bones are signs of undermedicaton.

    You know you can't tolerate more Eltroxin so ask for 10mcg Liothyronine to be added to your current dose. You can introduce it at half dose (5mcg) for a couple of weeks to check tolerance before increasing to 10mcg.

  • Thanks Clutter I'll ask her Monday do I reduce eltroxin if she agrees to T3

  • Mauds, no. You need a dose increase. If Eltroxin is reduced by 25mcg to introduce 10mcg T3 you'll be on an equivalent dose.

  • Thanks Clutter you had already answered that question as you can see brain fog also.

  • Clutter the bone pain is in my hips knees and rib cage each time my dosage increases the bone pain does also. Do you think it's anything to do with MP Eltroxin I didn't have this until two weeks ago. The pain is mostly from my right rib cage down to my right hip my left hip is not as sore as the right but both knees are,

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