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Could I have some help with results please?

Ive just received my thyroid urine tests. And results are as follows

Urine volume 2000 600 - 2500

Triiodothyronine (T3) 1,320 (range 610-3,380)

Thyroxine (T4) 2,390. (Range 1,030 - 8,240)

T3 : T4 Ratio 0.55 (Range 0.50 - 2.00)

Iodine 27 (100 - 199)

These results seem a lot different compared to my thyroid blood results aswell. I'm quite confused and I don't really understand or know what to make of them. Can any of you lovely lot help me please?

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ChristinaT Any chance you can upload a picture of the results? I'm better with a graphic for the urine test.

Are either of the results in the red zone?


Hi. Ive just tried to upload the results from the letter but I've currently got an issue with the camera on the my phone. I will continue to try and hopefully will be able to upload them later, so you can see my results better from that. Yes the iodine is in the red zone.


OK :)

You are deficient in iodine, the numbers tell us that anyway. However, that is a tricky one because too much or too little can cause problems. It's best to supplement under the guidance of an experienced practioner so I can't suggest anything about that. You might want to research, I've read that when supplementing with iodine, selenium is also needed but I have no experience (fortunately my iodine was right in the middle of the range).

For information on iodine rich foods see and scroll down to Nutrients In Food then Iodine. Cow's milk (not organic) is high in iodine, as is yogurt, haddock and cod.

I think your T3 and T4 are probably just into the green zone. Mine were higher than yours but if you can get the picture up I'll have a better idea of how they compare to each other. I've tried to work the figures out but I'd be better with the graphic.


Thank you for replying 😊. I will keep trying to upload a photo of the letter ( I understand it's easier read it from there). Okay I will look into low iodine, research supplementation and yes I won't do this without guidance or being Under supervision. This eat was done via Dr Peatfield and his notes state levels are okay but not optimal (T4 & T3) and they are at the lower end of the range (green). Thank you so much for your help.


Just a general comment until you get the picture up. Don't worry if you can't as I've played with the figures and compared them with mine and seem to have made some sense of them.

My first urine test showed T3 about 3/4 of the way into the lower red zone, so I was under range - T3 was -0.06% of range (yes minus) .

My T4 was about 1/3 of the way into the green zone - 39% through range.

This showed my conversion was poor (which confirmed the same finding in a blood test - over the top FT4 and barely mid-range FT3).

I lowered my Levo, added a bit of T3 and retested after 3 months. It then showed:

T3 getting on towards half way through range at 43%

T4 getting towards 1/3 through range at 29%.

This was a great improvement as T3 should be higher in it's range than F4 is in it's range. So the addition of T3 for me was doing what I expected. I have yet to retest blood, and want to do another urine test also to see if it's still the same. I am considering a slight increase in T3 dose but wont do it until I've seen test results.

Working on your urine test result figures:

T3 is 25% through range

T4 is 18% through range

So they are the correct way round, you are converting, but on the lower side which bears out what Dr P is saying.

Your Genova blood test results from a couple of months ago you say are:

FT4 17.2 (range 11.5 -22.7)

= 51% through range

FT3 5.5 (range 2.8 - 6.5) = 72% through range

FT4 half way through and should be in the upper third so 19+.

FT3 is almost in the upper quarter, ideally it should be 5.57+.

So you're converting well enough. Your FT4:FT3 ratio is 3.12 : 1 and good conversion takes place at 4:1 or below, and you're not far off what's normally recommended if that's where people feel best.

You can't compare urine and blood tests as far as percentages through range are concerned, but they both give an idea of how you're converting and you seem to be doing well enough there.

With both urine and blood tests I think they show you could possibly do with a bit more Levo. What did Dr P say?

I don't know how low iodine would affect anything.

Is anything going on with adrenals? I did the Genova 24 hour saliva test and found a bit of a problem that's now being addressed. Sex hormones were also a problem, sorting that too. They're all connected.

Vitamins and minerals optimal?


Gosh, thank you so much for taking the time to look at my results. I really appreciate it 😊. I'm so glad you are have been able to get some improvement with the addition of T3, you sound like you're doing really well. Have you been prescribed T3 by your GP? Or have you had to order it elsewhere?

Currently I haven't been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have lots of symptoms which would suggest either hypothyroidism or cushings or maybe even both. A few months ago my neck was swollen and Dr Peatfield thought it was an adrenal problem but could see my thryoid had been affected (that's what he said) he stated he thinks we should have a phone consultation so until I do I don't know what he may suggest. I agree with what you say regarding the FT4. (Possibly taking Levo) that's the only thing that looks like it could be improved if anything. I'm just a bit perplexed by the lack of iodine though, I know it's contradicted Hashi's patients (some of them at least) but I don't know whether this now means my thyroid is being affected because I have a deficiency?!? 😕

The only other known deficiencies I have are B12 and folate. I try to keep on top of these as much as possible. A while back I did have some bloodwork done for Iron and though my feeritin levels were fine, my serum iron and transferrin saturation was low. Doctors said ferritin is the most indicative marker for iron deficiency but yet they could not explain why the others were low.

my vitamin D levels always seem to be okay.

And I'm still none the wise as to what is making me so unwell 😫.


Ah, I didn't realise you weren't on thyroid meds - I didn't look back through all your posts. I don't know if my interpretation applies to someone not on thyroid meds. Be guided by Dr P, you have one of the best there :)

Bear in mind that my above reply about your thyroid test results is what I would suggest if that were a treated hypo patient. I'm not medically trained, my comments come from just personal experience, reading and research.

You've obviously got something going on and you need to get to the bottom of it. Your blood thyroid results aren't at all bad, a low TSH and nicely in range free Ts so there's nothing there that would suggest a thyroid problem, and your urine ones aren't bad. The urine levels will always be lower than the blood levels. Blood tests show what is floating around in your blood (the free Ts) and the urine test shows what is 'downstream' ie metabolites (breakdown products) are passed in urine. So they can't be compared like for like.

I would certainly discuss your iodine level with Dr P. As I said, I don't know anything about it and haven't done any research, maybe you will find something when you look into it.

I source my own T3 and self medicate, just collect my prescription for Levo and tweak the level myself. GP not on board, she only goes by TSH, wont discuss anything else. I can live the life of a zombie for all she cares, so I just ignore her now and dodge the requests for thyroid tests. I'm better than I was this time last year, but it's not just thyroid so I'm working on the other hormones with a private practioner. But I have a lung condition that has kept me unwell for most of this year and that doesn't help :(


It's okay I understand what you've said, I will speak to Dr Peatfield about it and see what he recommends. My thyroid blood tests do seem to fluctuate, weirdly even though they seem pretty I feel terrible 😞 I had an enlarged neck too, aswell as a scalloped enlarged tongue, maybe that's due to the lack of iodine, who knows......

I'm very sorry to hear of your lung condition, it must be very difficult, I really hope it improves for you soon, I really do.

I see so many people with thyroid issues having to buy their own T3. It's disgusting how patients are treated, IMO the only reason they don't precribe T3 often is because of the cost of it and nothing else. I wonder why it is so expensive? I don't know much about it, therefore im certainly not declaring myself an expert regarding this, it's just from what I've researched.

It seems you know what to do to keep your health as best as it can be, im so glad you've got a regime that works for you now with the T3 now added in. You still shouldn't have to do this off yor own back, but I understand why you do, I would and will do the same if I ever have to. I have already had to do similar regarding another hormone issue I had.

You have been so informative, and I am truly grateful for all your advice and taking your time to look at my results. Endless thanks for that, I really really appreciate it so much. You're a star 🌟 Where would I be without all the kind and lovely people on this forum 😁.


Just one more thought from you saying "My thyroid blood tests do seem to fluctuate". Have you only had one antibody test done? A positive antibody test will confirm Hashi's, one negative one doesn't completely rule it out. So it might be an idea to get antibody tests done again, both TPO and TG.

Thank you for your kind words :)


Ive only ever had both antibodies tested for in the blood test I had done not long ago. I have previously had one of them tested a few years ago, via my GP, which whilst I appreciate they did that, they never tested for all antibodies, so it didn't reassure me. I would be very happy if I could get these tested again to see if there is any change, otherwise I will have to pay for the blood tests again via Genova. That isn't a problem it's just financially I won't be able to do that again for a while now.

The possibility of me having thyroid issues does niggle away at the though in general, as I have a symptoms which are suggestve of this but I'm always told thyroid is fine. (Ive also had surgery on my throat in the past aswell).

Oh and you're very welcome, you have been more than helpful with all of this, I can't emphasise it enough. I'm so grateful for your input 😃


I don't know how much Genova charge, but if you want home blood tests in future you might want to compare them with the range of fingerprick tests that Blue Horizon offer


Brilliant 😀 thank you. I will have a look and compare the costing to that of the one I had done via Genova. Thank you


Also ive had a saliva test done for adrenals and cortisol is above range. I'm awaiting further testing to look into cushings or adrenal problems


Hi Christina

My names Lorraine just interested to know where did you get your urine tested for thyroid ?

Have you seen Dr Pete Fields ? I saw him years ago !

I am underactive I am tired all the time are you on any T3 medication ? Think things have got worse as I am in the menopause !

How is your health ?




Hi Lorraine,

Yes I saw Dr Peatfield last year and I had the urine thyroid test done via him.

I know the test is done through Genova diagnostics and they do have a website with various health tests available. However I think some of them can only be done via a practitioner. If you look into it I'm sure GD will clarify what's what.

I still haven't been able to get to the bottom of my issues yet, though I know it is my thyroid. I am awaiting another endo appointment next week to investigate further.

Are you taking any HRT at all or any alternative medications/supplements to help with your menopausal symptoms?

My symptoms are still the same unfortunately, as it stands. Praying for a miracle 😩🙏. (Thank you for asking)

What medication are you taking for your thyroid issues?


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