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Blood results help!

Ive just got my blood results and I've been gluten free for almost 8 weeks now and my antibodies have gone up instead of down.

Roche Anti-TPO 213 rang 0-34 they were just over 130 last bloods

T3 Free 4.1 range 3.1-6.8

T4 free 14.4 range 12-22

TSH 6.370 range 0.27-4.2

am I still in middle of Hashimotos flare or is it just that I'm too undermedicated with 75 eltroxin. I'm back with endo on Friday.

Thanks don't know my B12 or any other vits as doc wouldnt do them. I am taking B12 complex, B12 sublingual, Cod liver oil, magnesium and calcium.

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Well the TSH is high and T4/T3 lower end of normal. Hopefully the endo will increase your dose and you will feel better soon.

Unlikely you have low B12 or folate if you are taking both a B complex and sublingual B12.


Thanks for reply will higher dose help with antibodies and hashimotos


A TSH that high is stimulating the gland, which in turn stimulates the antibodies. Hashi's people need their TSH suppressed. You need an increase in dose!

Hugs, Grey


Thanks grey I just hope when endo ups my dose the tremors don't come back fingers crossed Friday things will go ok.


I hope so too. Fingers crossed!


Grey didnt get on well at endo. He wont up my meds said I have to wait another 3 months on 75 and want me to see a Physcologist about my anxiety and not being able to sleep why do they blame everything on us I'm under medicated never suffered with anxiety or sleepleness until all went funny in April. Said ive issues absorbing the eltroxin and want me to go longer on 75 because he's thinks I will go overactive if he ups meds. Said my T4 in range and T3 even though I said I was at lower end of normal and not to worry about TSH or antibodies. I could cry I'm so fustrated.


Oh, god! Change endos!!! He knows nothing about thyroid!!! If he thinks you're not absorbing, how the hell does he think you're going to go hyper if he ups your meds? That is totally illogical.

Why do they blame it all on us? To cover their lamentable ignorance! And to save their 'prescious' time. It's so much easier to just blame the patient. I was given a medication that was known (by some) to cause kidney failure. But when my kidneys started to fail, they blamed me for not drinking water!!! Ha! What the hell did they think I drank? High octane diesel??? There was no discussion, he didn't ask me how much water I drank. Just as he was leaving the room he turned round and snarled at me 'You must drink water at home!!!' But he didn't get away with that! Oh no! lol No, that was just so much easier for him than to check the meds I was on, ask questions and try other treatments. Think of all the time he was saving (he thought!) like that! It's pathetic but that's the way it is with most of them.

The only thing I can possibly say to you is change your endo. This one is going to kill you! Louise has a list of reasonable ones and she'll send it to you if you ask.

And I'm so sorry you've been put through this. Have a good cry, love, and get it off your chest. Then, stand up straight, shoulders back, and soldier on! Onwards and Upwards ! (as they say) lol

lots of hugs, Grey


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