Naturethroid in Europe?

There is another thing I have been wondering about as far as NDT is concerned: while many seem unhappy with reformulated Armour, and some with possibly reformulated Erfa (at least batches seem to vary a lot as far as consistency is concerned), most still seem happy with Naturethroid. I have no idea, however, if Naturethroid is readily available in European pharmacies? Since I can get prescriptions for either Armour or Erfa, I would have no problem getting Naturethroid instead, provided a pharmacist considered them perfectly bio-identical...which seems to be the case. But I have never heard of pharmacies in Europe carrying Naturethroid, even if they do carry Armour and/or if anyone knows of a pharmacy in Europe carrying Naturethroid, I'd appreciate if you could PM me the address, so I could contact them and ask them about bio-availability, substitutability, etc.

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  • Anna69, RLC Labs use distributors outside of the USA. One of the companies in this link may be able to help you

  • Thank you! Anna

  • Anna, there is a list of UK pharmacies and importers of NT in this link

  • Hi I buy mine by post from Springfield in Surrey.02082558096 10 am - 12 noon, Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday.


  • Has anyone here tried both Armour and Naturethorid? If so, which one do you prefer, and why? I understand both were reformulated a few years back, but maybe not in the same way...?

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