Erfa reformulation???

Has Erfa really been reformulated as well? I remember reading about a possible reformation on STTM a while ago, and then nothing...those of you on Erfa, have you noticed any difference as far as efficacy is concerned? Erfa Canada has denied any reformulation, as far as I know, but many users seem to think the pills just don't work the same anymore...any thoughts?!

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  • This is from STTM:

    UPDATE as of May 2014: Erfa was reformulated somehow, even though they deny it, causing symptoms to return for patients. See this:

  • It stopped working for me. Although my blood test results remained the same, I didn't feel well on it. It makes me feel like I've been given a heavy sedative.

    Unfortunately for me, because his other patients on ERFA are apparently doing OK, my Endo won't switch me to anything else (after a year of begging).

  • Can I ask what you asked to be switched to, please? I am doing fine on Erfa so far, but if the day comes when I don't, it's good to know there are alternatives...

  • I asked for Westhroid or Nature Throid.

  • Hi anna69 - Are you still doing fine on ERFA?

  • I have not taken Erfa for the past year, but am now on Thyroid-S (from Thailand). It works well. I was disappointed with Erfa and found it to be inconsistent; it was like each batch worked differently strength-wise...I have no idea if it has changed since and is now working better; hopefully, others will chime in...?

  • Hi hypomotamus - How are you doing now? Your post is a year old and I'm wondering f you started to do better with a new ERFA script or if you finaly switched to somethine else that works?

  • I switched to Thiroid, and have felt a lot better for it.

  • Do you mean Thiroyd? How long have you been on it? Any problems with it? Where did you get it?


  • Do you mean Thiroyd? How long have you been on it? Any problems with it? Where did you get it?

  • Ok, so this is going to be a controversial question...

    At Thierry Hertoghe's practice, in Brussels, they now prescribe Erfa, as that is considered superior to Armour...and several pharmacies in Brussels that used to carry Armour no longer do, they just carry Erfa. One pharmacy even told me Armour is no longer being manufactured, which (I found out later) is simply not true.

    However, this is what I have been wondering: I have read over and over again that you need to swallow NDT in order to make it work optimally, not chew it up or take it it at all possible that, if you swallow Armour, it will work better (possibly with cellulase supplements to break down the excess cellulose)? Or are NDT drugs without cellulose always better...?

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