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I wanted to ask a question about Armour Thyroid. After subscribing to posts from the STTM blog, I decided Armour was useless, and that I would not take it, no matter what happened. However, after reading a number of posts here, people in Europe (the UK) seem much more positive about it. On the STTM website, everyone seems furious about how Armour was "ruined" (a word used by many) in 2009, and how they have struggled since to find acceptable alternatives. Some in the STTM blog even claims Erfa was reformulated somehow, although the company has not admitted to any reformulation...

It's all very confusing, but also encouraging to see that so many here seem to be doing great on Armour! It kind of gives me hope, because I really hate not having any alternatives...

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  • Hi I am in Wales and luckily receive Armour on the NHS and am doing reasonably well on it.I am sure you will be fine just take it slowly.



  • Hi jjlily i live in Wales ,I am in the middle of trying to get T3 or Armour .Could i ask what part of Wales are you from ,and did you have any problems getting it on the NHS.

  • Hi lizzy

    I am in Pembrokeshire and get it through Withybush hospital.

    I couldn't tolerate levo so was referred to hospital.Consultant put me on T3 raised slowly to 60mcg and felt quite good however consultant wasn't happy and transferred me on to Armour.

    Whereabouts are you?

    regards Jill

  • HI jill

    Thanks for your reply ,I live in Blackwood about 20 miles from Cardiff,I see a consultant at the hospital and i have written them a letter to see if i can get a trial of T3 .My appointment is Tuesday so keeping everything crossed.

    I also mention in my letter about a artical by a medical journalist which stated that a DR Onyebuchi Okosieme was planning on doing a study on different dose combinatiions of T4 and T3 involving 3000 patients in wales, so as he is a Endo at the hospital i attend i thought i would just slip it in ,(I have not seen him)So see what happens tuesday .I am hoping that if he does this study that i can get on board .

  • Hi Lizzy I,ll keep my fingers crossed for you.I take it you know you can ask to see him if he is in the clinic. You may have to wait a while longer but they should accommodate you.


  • I don't see an endo for my thyroid .i'm just hoping that he is friendly with him and may have spoken with him after receiving my letter.Can hope if i get lucky i will be saying that i am not alone that there are many of us that want change.


  • theCat, I believe Armour was subsequently reformulated back to what it was before the 2009 reformulation. There have been some complaints about Erfa since production was switched to Europe although they claim not to have reformulated Erfa.

    It's probably best to see how a particular NDT affects you personally. Not all brands suit everyone and some people do better on synthetic T4 or T3 than on NDT.

  • One thing about NDT that seems to affect how well people feel is whether the product can be taken sublingually (kept under the tongue while it dissolves slowly), chewed up until it is virtually liquid then swallowed with water (use the front teeth to chew/break up the tablet otherwise it could get stuck in the teeth), or swallowed whole with a glass of water.

    If one way doesn't work for you try another.

  • This is an excerpt re taking NDT sublingually:

    The consensus? The active ingredients in thyroid medication have molecules that are so large that it is difficult for them to pass through the mucous membranes. Most of the dissolved/crushed medication ends up swallowed, and moves through the digestive system in the usual way. Other factors also affect sublingual absorption, including oral pH, and salivary enzymes.

  • I would not put too much stock into anything sttm has to say. Some people with Hashi's are made worse by desiccated..i will never take it again!

  • HI The formula on armiour changed. Now I have nature thiroid, very similar but not variable.


  • Jackie, do you mean Armour does not work as well as Naturethroid? Was not Naturethroid also reformulated, shortly after Armour, back in 2009-10?

  • HI Cat, I read it did not and did not believe it then for the first time for years my thyroid suddenly went very low, so changed.NT cheaper too.


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