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Naturethroid - how good is it?

I understand quite a few people here are on Naturethroid (NT). It would be interesting to know how it compares to other brands of NDT, especially Armour? If I remember correctly, NT was also reformulated to add more cellulose, but still seems to work better than reformulated Armour?

I'd be interested in finding out as I found a pharmacist who might be able to order NT for me even if my prescription is for Armour/Erfa...I am currently on Thai NDT and doing well, but would be interested in trying NT out as it seems to be getting consistently good reviews.

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Unfortunately, it's not so easy to name a 'good' NDT. It all depends on it's effect on a particular person.

Sometimes if we try one and don't find we are improving as we thought, making some small incremental increases might do the trick by relieving all symptoms.

If definitely not improving switching might be the way to go. Many people are happy with Armour as it is at present. There was a problem when they reformulated it in the past.

Unfortunately, with thyroid hormones it isn't so easy as fillers/binders in them might affect us badly but not another person.


Thanks for that input, Shaws! Do you mean that Armour was reformulated again...? I have seen posts (both here and in other forums) to that effect, but it has never been confirmed...that is why I was curious when you said many people are happy with Armour as it is "at present". Given all the complaints about Armour a few years back, I take it something has changed to make it work better...?


As far as I know it was in 2009 it was reformulated. Also some people are chewing or trying to take it sublingually which isn't the correct way to do it as the person will not be getting the full benefit of hormones - the main one being that the thyroid molecules are too large to be absorbed through the tongue.

This is a past post.

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Thanks! It seems the jury is still out on the efficacy of reformulated many conflicting opinions. I'll just stick to Thai NDT for the time being.


Better the hormone you know than one you don't :)


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