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Advice please!

After reading many posts on here I have eventually managed to get a GP who listens! Have now had tests for folate, ferritin, vitamin b12 and vitamin d and as a result am now on supplements for both b12 and vit d. My vitamin d level was 20 which i was told was very low. I have only been taking for 2 weeks but am disappointed as I had hoped it would make me feel better! I am extremely tired and suffer pain in my arms which I can only explain as being like shin splints. I have also had a sore jaw for a couple of months and persistent ear pain. A previous blood test showed "inflammation " but recent test was clear. I am wondering if I am undermedicated. Last tests were done in February:

T4 level 18 pmol/L (normal range 10 to 25)

TSH level 0.61 mU/L (normal range 0.35 to 4.5)

I am currently taking 100 mcg Levothyroxine. Should I be taking more?

Appreciate any guidance given. Just want to feel better :-(

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What level of supplements are you on for B12 and Vit D? Can you post the results for the Vitamin levels. Some docs only give low doseages of Vit D. No doubt someone can tell you what the recommended intake should be. I would need to look it up. I take Jarrows B12 lozenges for B12 and find them very good.


India07, your results don't indicate undermedication but there is room for a dose increase to improve your FT4 without suppressing your TSH.

The 'shin splints' type pain is almost certainly due to low vitD and the fatigue may be too. It will take a couple of months for the vitD to build up. What dose are you taking?

B12 should improve energy a bit. You should take a B Complex vitamin with it to keep the other B vits balanced.

Have you seen a dentist to rule out dental infection? Wisdom teeth, in particular, can cause a lot of ear pain.


Vitamin D says one 20 mcg daily and Vitamin B12 is two x 50 mcg daily

Haven't been to dentist yet as jaw initially became sore after it "locked" whilst eating crisps! Have had wisdom teeth for a long time. Will certainly go and get checked out though. Thank you.


India, 20mcg vitD is 800iu which is an infant's dose. You'll die of old age before that does anything for you. Buy 10,000iu and take for 2 months to get levels up then reduce to 5,000iu and retest after 6 months.

B12 100mcg is also piddling. I don't know how low your level was but 1,000 is optimal. My B12 was 330 and I doubled it by taking 1,000mcg methylcobalamin spray and maintain with sublingual lozenges.

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Oh my no wonder its not had any effect! Not sure what level of B12 was but will find out. Am booked in for bloods on Friday to check Vit D and calcium levels. Guess there won't be much change lol!


When taking VitD it is advisable to also take VitK2. VitD increases the calcium in the body and K2 ensures it goes to your bones etc. and does not remain in the bloodstream. I take 10,000 IU's a day.





Have you ever been told you suffer from anxiety? My mum had exactly the same symptoms including the pains in the arms, ear ache and lack of sleep. She was clenching her teeth at night and grinding her teeth. My dad could literally hear her grinding them in her sleep. Everyone has always laughed that she's 'a stressy person' but generally she's healthy and happy. She now uses a mouth guard at night because she was in danger of grinding down her molars. But it has repercussions all over your body including the arms and ears.

Sadly the answer is therapy and meditation. I'd recommend the app Headspace. it's really practical meditation, but not all trancey and hippy, just modern and useful. Obviously talk to your doctor.

Hope this helps?

Good luck!

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