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Results interpretation please?

Hi there, just had my bloods done and was hoping someone could explain my results to me in English please :)

TSH - 0.044 (range 0.270 - 4.200)

fT4 - 9.2 (range 12,000 - 22,000)

anti TG - 332,10 (range 0.000 - 115,000)

anti TPO - 24.48 (range 0.000 - 34,000)

Looks to me that TSH is suppressed which is good, right? But everything else looks off? I am currently taking 3 grains of Naturethroid daily. Do I need to supplement with extra T4?

Thanks all.

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Hello amethyst22,

Welcome to our forum.

I am not medicated on NDT so can't advise on thyroid hormone results but can see you have over range levels of thyroglobulin which would indicate Hashimotos Thyroiditis.

What are you symptoms?



Thanks for replying. Yes, I was diagnosed with Hashis a few years ago. I generally feel ok, although always super tired but that's so normal for me I almost forget about it! I was just curious about the relatively low levels of T4 compared to TSH and what everyone's recommendations are. I don't have a supportive doctor in the slightest so I'm buying my NDT online and monitoring dosages myself.


If you are taking NDT, you need free T3 tested as both TSH and T4 will be low. T3 is the important one.


Hmm ok, thanks. I did ask but she flat refused.


Does she know you're taking NDT? If so, she should know that TSH and FT4 are going to be low automatically. It's FT3 that is the important one. But she probably doesn't know that. They just aren't educated on thyroid. And the NHS dictates that FT3 is of no importance! Pfft! So, I'm afraid you either have to pay for your own FT3 test, or dose by symptoms. After all, how you feel is much more important than the numbers. Do you feel well? Or do you still feel hypo?

No, you Don't need to supplement with extra T4 - unless that makes you feel better. The body tends to regulate how much T4 it hangs onto and gets rid of the rest. That's why it's low. :)


Thanks Greygoose, that makes sense. I'm not in the UK any more, I was hoping when I moved to Europe things might have been a bit more progressive on the Thyroid front but no such luck! It's as useless here as back in Blighty. :)


Where are you in Europe? I Don't know much about other countries but here in France, whilst doctors are just as ignorant, it's not that difficult to get T3 tested and prescribed. However, NDT is illegal here, so I guess you aren't in France! lol


I'm in the Czech Republic. We are not allowed to import medicines here so I have to find sneaky ways of getting it in here. :D

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