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Thyroid results help please!

Hi folks lm new and have results any help would be great medichecks say there fine but l havent a clue

Tsh 2.52 range 0.27-4.2

Free thyroxine 13.97 range 12-22 pmol

Total t 4 89.3 range 59-154 pmol

Freet3 4.51 range 3.100-6.800 pmol

Thyroglobulin antibody 13.45 0-115.00

Thyroid peroxide antibodies 6.34. 0.000 - 34.00

Like l say really havent a clue all help appreciated

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Hi 123Harry

Are you taking any thyroid medication? If you are i would say (in my non medical opinion) that you need to raise the dose if you are still getting low thyroid symptoms.


No lv never been on anything l had ferritin vitd and b12 deficiency so thought l would check my own thyroid but have no way of interpreting them l havent a clue about thyroid


Well, the good news is, you don't appear to have Hashi's, and you seem to be converting ok. That said, your TSH says your gland is struggling. It would be a good idea to retest in about six months time.


My results were not dissimilar to these on diagnosis and I felt terrible. My FT4 was just below range whereas yours is just within range. My FT3 wasn't tested at that time and yours is quite low in the range.

How do you feel?


l had low b12 of 140 ferritin of 6 and vit d deficiency since supplementing and docs prescription of iron and vit d l have felt a lot better l did the private test at medichecks for thyroid to discount it but l see these were low but haven't got a clue on thyroid have you had a diagnosis?


Yes 8 years ago and was put on Levothyroxine which didn't resolve my symptoms. Since found out I have a faulty gene DIO2, so don't convert T4 to T3 well. I am now trialling a T3/T4 combination and feeling better, but not there yet.

If you feel ok then perhaps you don't need anything more and getting your Vitamins and minerals right may be enough.........If not, then your GP might consider a trial of Levo because you would expect your TSH to be higher with such a low in range T4.


thank you for your reply my doctors just don't treat unless you go below there range l treat my own b12 even though l know l should be getting treatment so l don't think lv got any chance with anything in range! is there anything natural tat you take to help it might be a stupid question but that's how little l know!


At the moment, I am taking synthetic T3 and T4 and B vitamins. You can wait until your results worsen in the hope that your GP will treat you, or depending how bad you feel, consider self-medicating.

Have you seen the Thyroid UK site's Interpretation of results? Link here:

As you can see, a 'within range' TSH doesn't mean 'normal'. If you felt ok no problem, but you don't feel ok. You don't have antibodies, but you may have rT3 (for a variety of reasons). As I said, you would expect your FT4 and FT3 to be higher with a TSH of 2.52 that is not going to raise your T4 and therefore your T3.

Sorry if that is confusing, but I think you could read anything you can get your hands on. You may be like me, in the minority, because the majority, 90% suffer from auto-immune thyroiditis which is more easily understood by the GPs because it is more common.

When you research further you might decide to have additional tests to confirm what is really causing your low thyroid levels. It has taken me a long time and much caution before I decided to self-medicate, but I am fairly confident I am on the right track now.


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