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Starting liothyronine


I wonder if anyone has any advice. I have some persuaded my endo to let me trial T3 and have started taking it today. I am switching from 125 mcg of levo to 75mcg lev and 2x10mcg t3 per day. I supplement with vitamin b12, vitamin d, selenium, magnesium, k2 and iron ( not all at once!). I was wondering if there is anything I should watch out for or if anyone has a suggestion of how I should split the doses?


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Sorry, off topic, could you let me know why you dont take your supplements all at one?


I prefer to spread them out and I avoid taking iron close to the time I take levo (to avoid absorbing issues).


Ah I was under the impression that you took all supplements together - away from thyroid meds, to avoid absorption issues.


hello my endo kept my levo at 150mcg and started me on 20mcg lio which was reduced to 10mcg as t3 went abit high, the lio is to support t3 is not the same as t4 so this in my mind shouldn't be reduced if your t4 levels were good on 125mcg, all confusing stuff and not easy for me to explain, hope it makes some sense.

i made the mistake of treating lio like levo (took on an empty stomach early in the morning) got terrible rushes like drinking to much coffee, found it much better to take with food or at another time to levo.

good luck but watch your t4 levels on reduced meds


If you've never taken T3 in any form before I would halve your dose for the first week, and take 2 doses of 5 mcg per day. Take the first dose in the morning (with your levo if you take that in the morning). The second dose could be taken early - mid afternoon to start with, but it is also worth experimenting with taking it just before bed.

Some people do brilliantly with a bedtime dose, some people can't sleep. You just have to try it out and see how you get on.

Assuming all goes well, then after the first week, add 5mcg to the morning dose for a week or two. Then add the final 5mcg to the afternoon or evening dose, depending on which you prefer. Experimentation is vital. Some people even take all their T3 first thing in the morning, but I think that might be uncommon.

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Ok, thanks that's given me some things to think about. I took first dose of liothyronine with my levithyroxine on an empty stomach and didn't notice anything weird and took the rest after lunch. The real test will be when I am at work tomorrow as I might notice a difference then.


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