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Thyroid, Vitamins and Minerals: Effect on Periods / Withdrawal Bleeds


I've been on the pill for years (barring pregnancy) and apart from Cerazette have always had withdrawal bleeds. These packed up in January, leading to ovarian scans and cancer tests, which thankfully were all clear. My regular GP was convinced that it was down to the pill itself, the gynae specialist GP in the practice thought it more likely that thyroid hormone imbalances were the cause. While this was going on my fT3 was low, but just in range.

Well, the withdrawal bleeds came back yesterday. Here's the question: is it more likely to be because I've found the right thyroid med combo (currently on 150mcg T4 and 6.25mcg T3 / day) or because I've started supplementing with magnesium, selenium and zinc? Probably the former but I'd be interested to hear of other's experiences.

Could this be a useful future marker of my fT3 status?



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I think your gynae GP has the correct answer as female problems can be a big issue for us when hypothyroid and not on an optimum of medication.

If you are feeling well on your combination of thyroid meds that's good. If you had a blood test for the minerals before beginning supplements and you had a deficiency as it is good to take our vitamins/minerals into consideration when hypo as we are usually deficient particularly B12 and Vit D too.

If your low FT3 was after you had begun taking 6.25 T3 I think your dose of 6.25mcg is quite low or you aren't converting sufficient T4 into T3.

If your Endocrinologist reduced some of your T4 for 6.25mcg of T3 that's quite low. New research has shown that for a reduction of 60mcg of T4 (say 50mcg as being the nearest to 60mcg) 20mcg of T3 should be added which is the equivalence i.e. 3:1.


Well, before starting on T3 at all I had my first fT3 test which showed a level of 3.8 (3.5-5.5), with fT4 at 18.9 (10-19.8). Dropped 25mcg T4 and added 12.5mcg T3; result five weeks after was ft4 15.4, fT3 4.0. Took advice from community again and decided to revert to 150mcg T4 and keep 6.25mcg T3 and that's where I am now. Due another blood test next week so we'll see what's what.

All this done on my own but with GP's consent and oversight (whether she approves or not, I cannot say).

Have first referral to Endocrinology Clinic at the end of this month.

Vits and mins: last summer had two blood tests for Vitamin D. 1st came back at 40, the second eight days later came back at 100. Quite a difference and didn't know who to believe. Both calcium readings were right at the bottom of the range, though. Have just done a City Assays spot test for D so should have those results soon. Also had tests done for Vit B12 and results were 314 and 447 (eight days apart). Have supplemented ever since.

Folate also not stellar: last result was 8.3 or so (can't remember the range but upper end was 18 or so).


It's good your GP's is approving and it will be interesting to get your blood test result re FT3.


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