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Blood results and T3

Hi Everyone

My new GP recently authorised blood tests for T4 and T3. I was thrilled! However, when the results came in the T3 had not been tested. The comment was' FT3 not clinically indicated'. The GP ssid the NHS wouldn't do it because my T4 was in the right area!

Here are my results:

FT4 17.2 (9 - 23)

TSH 1.22 (0.25 - 5)

I think I should have a private test for T3 - as I am lacking in energy and wonder if Im not converting as well as I should

Does anyone have an opinion please ?

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Dafffers, it's more likely the lab declined to test FT3 because your TSH is not suppressed. Your GP could insist the lab tests while they still have the sample.

There is room for a dose increase as TSH could be lower and FT4 higher and that may help with energy. Read Dr. Toft's comments about low-suppressed TSH in order to get FT4 into the top of range. Email for a copy of the Pulse article if you want to show it to your GP.


Hi Clutter

Thanks for your reply. I really struggle to understand all this.

Could you poss explain please, if you have a minute ?

Am I looking for my TSH to be totally suppressed ?

Do I get to this by increasing Levo ?

At what point would it be good to have my T3 measured - now, or after the TSH is suppressed ?

Why would the lab think this is a reason not to test T3

I am quite prepared to pay but just not sure what Im aiming for. I tried to read Dr Toft but I didn't understand that either.

Really appreciate your help


Daffers, NHS labs will usually only test FT3 when TSH is suppressed <0.03 because they are looking for signs of hyperthyroidism. They're not checking for low FT3 in hypothyroid patients.

I'm not suggesting your TSH should be suppressed but a dose increase of 25mcg will raise FT4 and lower TSH.

If you are going to order a private FT3 test wait until 6 weeks after you increase dose.


Thanks for explaining Clutter. Will increase and wait the 6 weeks as you suggest. Am very grateful


I had the same problem but again if you go to your GP NHS they won't check your T3

So I went private & in no time at all on Armour thyroid tablets I felt amazing I must have been suffering for many years & now he's retired so I need to get hold of a Doctor that will prescribe Amour Thyroid in Sheffield so hope some one can help me as I've only got months supply left.

I dread to think what I will feel like with out this medication...

Thanks Irene G


HI Irene

Did you wait for your TSH to be suppressed or just get on with the T3 test?

WHo did you find to guide you with Armor and the doseage ? I would like to try some NDT. ?

What a worrying situation for you with only one month supply left.Can you buy some or is it prescription only ?

Did you change from Levo to Armor ?



Grannyirene, You can order Armour on-line without prescription but do it soon because delivery can take 21-28 days.

Email for a list of private endos and private GPs recommended by members.


I'm sorry but I don't know if I got back in touch with you but I was advised to see Dr H A (private) after I had reflexology she said to me I'm sure you've got an under active thyroid & after hair analysis & blood test he told me about the Armout Tyhroid treatment even though my GP sent a blood test in to have checked & it said I was okay & didn't need thyroxine .... They don't know about Armour Thyroid as he told me.:( sad isn't it. But since on medication my life has been so much better & years later I'm on Thyroxine as well but it took some persuading with the GP.

Hope it helps God Bless Grannyirene


Hi Irene

thanks for info. Very interesting and could you let me know where dr HA is based. I am keen to get onto a combination of NDT and T4 which sounds the best route but would like some guidance as to dose etc



Thanks I will get intouch immediately xxx


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