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Blood results any input welcome

Hi, I have just paid for a full thyroid panel with genova as I wanted my RT3 tested, I would be grateful for any insight into the results.

The background is I have been hypo since 1994 and was on t4/t3 combo under NHS until got m.e four years ago. Last year I went T3 only, two stress tests also showed cortisol below range on every sample and I started using LDN and then in January Hydrocortisone. I got up to 60mcg on T3 and probably had the best energy yet since getting M.E but still in bed 50% of day because of orthostatic intolerance. I wanted to try NDT so switched from T3 only, to NDT to see if it helped with some outstanding symptoms, I slowly got to 5 grains but still felt very hypo on top of my M.E so skin like sandpaper, hair falling out, energy minimal. These bloods were taken when I was on 5 grains of NDT, I am going back to T3 only now, but I wondered if anyone could give me a more insightful intepretation than myself? The RT3 seems normal, which surprises me as something must be blocking the take up of t3 surely? And my T3 high (despite having taken my last dose 24hrs before blood draw). Last year my antibodies showed above range on NHS test (but that was after 8 weeks on only 100mcg T4 after stupid GP took away my T3 and 50 of my T4). So am I hashis but simply it's under control?

Please tell me anything you see in these results that could explain why I feel so much worse on 190 of T4 and 45 T3 than I do on 60mcg T3 only? Thank you. I was on 25 mgs HC, 3.75 LDN and 5 grains of NDT.

Total T4 - 148 - range 58-161

TSH - 0.00 (no surprise)

Free t4 - 17.8 - range 11.5-22.7

Free T3 - 7.00 - range 2.8 - 6.5

FT4:FT3 ratio - 2.5 - range 2 - 4.5

Reverse T3 - 0.50 - range 0.14- 0.54

Thyroglobulin - < 20 - range <40

Peroxidase - 23 - range < 35 (last summer this was 39)

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Sulamaye, FT3 is slightly over range and having left 24 hours between last dose and blood draw you can extrapolate your FT3 +20% to 8.4 as an estimate of normal circulating FT3.

There's nothing in the results to indicate why you felt better on 60mcg T3 rather than 5 grains NDT. Possible explanations are that the proportions of T4:T3 aren't right for you and 45mcg T3 in 5 grains isn't enough or, simply thyroxine doesn't suit you.


Thanks clutter, obviously the 45mcgs isn't enough if that's all the T3 I was getting as I needed at least 60 when on T3 only (and more if only I could have got it in) however I would have thought with 190mcgs T4 some of the T4 was converting and if not why not? If RT3 isn't getting in the way - although it is still at the top end - what else could be medically preventing conversion? I see an endo in two weeks time and would like something intelligent to say to him - ha ha ha , its only taken me since Jan to get this appointment! And even then this was the referral in order to try and get him to refer me to Cardiff endo - well that was my GP's plan. ha ha ha hysterical laughter.


Sulamaye, I don't see anything in your results to suggest you're not converting T4 to T3, on the contrary, you're converting so well FT3 is over range.

It might be worth trying a lower dose of NDT + T3 if you didn't feel well on 5 grains.


Well then it's not getting into the cells, perhaps it's in the blood because it's not getting into the cells. I built up from 1 grain so it isn't that I needed less. Remember I have m.e and odd things happen in the body with m.e like my blood cortisol is high but my saliva cortisol is bombed so obviously something's keeping the cortisol bound. Plus my apt isn't being released although I am making it, so perhaps the t3 issue is the same kind of issue as all my cells are having. I hate m.e nothing fits the picture.


Your reverse t3 is at the top of the range. I would consider going on a med, where you can take less t4 and add t3 or all t3. This may be why you don't feel well. But, important to find out why you have high rt3 and fix that.


Thanks faith. I am on ldn and hydrocortisone as my saliva tests showed cortisol on the floor. I can only assume that I make rt3 because I have m.e. Not that that xplains anything much, but if the obvious triggers for rt3 have been covered I can only assume it's another m.e mystery along with why my ATP doesn't release compromising my mitochondria function etc.

I am back on t3 only to clear the rt3. This time I'm going to stick to it though.


How do you take your Hydrocortisone?


After various experiments I have settled on 15mg when I wake up and 10 mgs about 3-4 hours later, roughly 11am. I also take 0.125 of dexamethasone before I turn the light out as I found I needed to stabalise and the dexy has a longer half life.


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