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Anyone know of a private doctor near Belfast that understand NDT as my specialist says he does not know anything about how it works or how the T 3 effects you .he know only levothyroxine ,but let's me have it on perscription free .cant get the balance correct ,when on 1 3/4 one day and 1 1/2 next two days and I feel a bit overdosed in my chest ,off and on it comes and goes ,was bad when I was on too high a dose ,doing 1 and1/2 now this last week and still feel it but energy not as good at times .maybe the T3 is causing it but my doctors don't know and just go by my bloods,so finding a doctor that can help me on NDT would be great .

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Maggie, email for a list of endos recommended by members.

Perhaps the proportion of T3 to T4 is too high? Have you tried taking a lower dose of NDT and adding a little Levothyroxine?


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