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I have been taking levothyroxine and t3 for 5 years and have never felt good. I have seen numerous NHS endos and always been left deflated, like I'm making up my symptoms.

I finally went to a private endo last week and he gave me a script for NDT I had done some research and found that NP Thyroid had good reviews.

I received it yesterday and have just taken my first one sublingually

It doesn't smell and tastes almost sweet so that's great; dissolved in about 3 minutes but I'm going to buy a pill crusher

I am on 3 grains a day and was told to spread them out throughout the day

Fingers crossed I have some good results

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Can I ask which brand of NDT you take?


thecat, Amelie says in her post that it is NP.


Sorry, my mistake for not paying attention:-)


thecat, it wasn't a reproof :-D


Amelie, NDT is designed to be swallowed whole with water. If you have difficulty swallowing whole tablets you can crush it and mix it with water. The molecules in T4 and T3 are too large to be absorbed sublingually.

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Hi clutter

I have read this info many times but I also came a cross an article that explained that the T4 and T3 hormones in NDTare bound to thyroglobulin protein and that taking them sublingually or dissolving the tablets in our saliva break down the protein and allows the hormones to be absobed much more effectively. Just like our food. Which I suppose is why we were always taught not to eat too fast when we were kids and chew our food really well. It helps absorb what we need from what we eat.


Saliva principally breaks down starches.

It is the stomach (pancreatic) enzymes that start to break down proteins.



If you contact the manufacturers of NDT you'll be advised that it is designed to be swallowed with water so it can break down and be absorbed via the gut.


Hello, oh really? Its dissolves really well under the tongue...I'm trying it that way so u can have coffee etc

As far as I know np thyroid doesn't have fillers so maybe its different to armour in that way


Of course it has "fillers".


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