Hi could somebody tell me what NDT is? I have just returned from Cyprus where I had a marvellous doctor who put me on some natural thyroid from Germany. Is that the same? As an ex patient of the wonderful Dr Skinner I am terrified to put myself in the hands of a local GP as when I signed on they immediately talked about blood tests and I know they will try to put me back on thyroxine alone and turn me back into a zombie

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  • You might find my list of abbreviations and acronyms useful:


    NDT is an acronym for Natural Desiccated Thyroid - that is, dried, powdered pig thyroid, standardised and formed into tablets. Makes such as NNature-Throid, Erfa and Armour.

    I don't know what you are getting from Germany. Have heard that one or two pharmacies will make up desiccated thyroid powder into tablets or capsules. But, so far as I know, there is no German make of desiccated thyroid.

  • Yes, there is at least one pharmacy that will make NDT capsules. I know that because I was in touch with them a couple of years ago.

  • Thanks, don't know what it is, just I feel better on it than thyroxine and T3 and before Dr Skinner and T3 I was like the walking dead even though another endo said I was "normal"

  • You really, really need to find out. Most especially because you feel better on it. Otherwise you will end up not knowing what you need to get hold of!

    Did the product come with any information such as a leaflet, a name, even some spidery writing on a label? Did you get a copy of the prescription? Can you contact the doctor to ask?

  • It is by Receptora Apotheke and just says Thyroid U.S.P.

  • Well that is the same active substance as in Nature-Throid, WP Thyroid, NP Thyroid and Armour.

    But no information as to dose?

    Or are you in a position to return to the doctor in Cyprus on a regular basis?

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  • Yes, I am in contact with my Cyprus doctor. She will send a prescription direct to the company I just thought if I could get it in the UK it would be easier. I am also worried about what how my new GP will react to me self medicating. I suppose I had such a fight in the beginning it has made me suspicious. Thanks for your imput x

  • Yes, quite, it would be easier. If you know your dose, you quite possibly would find that the commercial versions (already mentioned some of them) are just as good. And they are available online. (Buying any of them privately in the UK is excessively expensive and requires a prescription.)

    Out of interest, how much does the company charge for the product? (Don't answer if you don't want to!)

  • I take 2 1/2 grains and the last lot for 200 cost €130.54. Don't know how that translates. All depends on the exchange rate

  • One source quotes:

    162.5 mg (2.5 Grain) 100 RLC Labs Nature-Throid £40.98

    But you might find that you'd prefer the ability to adjust doses by getting smaller dosage tablets. Also, as this comes from outwith the EU, there will most likely be 20% VAT and a customs clearance charge to pay.

  • Wow, that seems a lot cheaper, where from?

  • Cannot say on the forum - will send you a Private Message.

  • Thanks. Do you need my email address?

  • No - we prefer not to use email if avoidable. You should get an alert that you have a private message.

  • Hi....will you please pm with this information too....thanks....

  • isn't Thyroid S the same ingrediants and make up etc as Armour? I get (Thyroid S) and it costs me £40 for 1000!

  • We don't actually have a proper and official list of ingredients for Thyroid-S.

    I don't think it is the same as Armour any more than the other desiccated thyroid products are. That is, they might have similar ingredients and potency, but they are not the same.

  • thanks helvella :) I annoyingly read it somewhere but have no clue... of course... where? I have a list of ingredients from Sriprasit Pharma for Thyroid S, I checked when I bought the book and the list is the same in sttm. ahhhh brain kicked up that it was the 38mcg t4 and 9mcg t3 per 60mg tablet that was the same as armour????

    sigh... going away now I must remember (LOL remember) not to try to be helpful when like this. apologies


  • I am hoping to go onto a natural thyroid med I have been on levo for 15 years ( I had my thyroid removed due to thycancer and have had various troubles with being overmedicated on levo. The cost is a difficulty for me so if you could message me privately as to where you get (ThyroidS) I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  • I guess this is what is referred to as "compounded thyroid"; that is, the pharmacy takes powdered pig thyroid and puts into capsules.

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