worried about the future of Thai NDT

As a user of Thai NDT (which I find both better and more cost-effective than the only two brands available where I live - Armour and Erfa), I worry about the fact that PayPal and credit card companies seem intent on forcing providers of NDT out of business. It seems that it does not matter if it's legal to provide NDT over-the-counter in the country of origin; PayPal and the credit card companies are trying to stop those providers from using their services.

One of the few reliable European suppliers has already been forced out of business after having his account closed down by PayPal. I now worry that this will happen to Thai suppliers as well...are my concerns justified or not?

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  • It is a worry I have to admit. Two I bought from banished from site but then another appeared, I ordered even though I still had a full pot yet to open and it arrived in nine days :) A large part of me believes the Thai suppliers will always find a way.

  • I hope you're right...and that it won't be necessary to transfer money to a Thai bank account....that would be both impractical and terribly expensive, I imagine...

  • Anna69,

    PayPal and credit card companies are NOT trying to force NDT providers out of business. They are refusing to supply merchant facilities to companies which do not sign up to FDA's LegitScript which includes companies which supply prescription meds without prescription. PayPal's T&Cs have never allowed PayPal to be used for prescription meds either as far as I'm aware.

    The European supplier didn't have to cease trading because PayPal closed it's account, it could have used a different source like Western Union, Moneygram or other payment service as many other online pharmacies have done.

  • I know, and it's a shame the European supplier gave up so easily and left so many customers without a reliable source in Europe...forcing us to turn to Thailand. I hope you are right about PayPal and credit card companies not trying to force all suppliers of Thai NDT out of business, because that would be a disaster for many who depend on these drugs...

  • Anna69,

    Why should anyone be forced out of business? There are plenty of other money payment services which can be used instead of credit cards.

  • This is what the European supplier wrote recently, to inform customers they were trying to find a solution (they did, using another website and disguising the products as something else, but they went out of business after only a month or so):

    We anticipate this is going to be an industry wide problem and that PayPal and other payment processors will be doing it to everyone selling natural desiccated thyroid products. At this time we are trying to work out a solution as many people depend on us. However, we do not know when this will be resolved. We suggest stocking up within the next two weeks until we can resolve the situation so that you do not run out.

  • Anna69,

    Pretty stupid to allow your business to be dependent on PayPal when PP don't allow their service to be used for the payment of prescription meds. The company did not have to go out of business because PP withdrew facility and shouldn't blame PP. They could, and should, have found an alternative payment method like the majority of online pharmacies have done.

  • I couldn't agree more...I really felt betrayed by this supplier who, IMHO, gave up far too easily and, in the process, let a lot of customers down.

  • I did transfer money to a Thai bank account recently - it wasn't difficult and I think my bank charged me about £10. I was a bit concerned, but not too much as it was a supplier I'd used before and it was all fine. I do agree with fibrolinda though that the Thai suppliers will always do their best to find a way.

    I've never used Western Union and wasn't sure if it was okay - is it easy to use? I was given this as an option but opted for the straight transfer.

  • dina7 I used Western Union online for the first time last weekend and it was very easy and half the cost of what I paid for bank transfer last time (though this was not to a Thai supplier for NDT but WU does allow transfers to Thailand).

    You just register with WU and follow the instructions. The supplier will give the details needed, I used the cash payment to be picked up the other end. Supplier gave me the name of the person and country. WU gives you a tracking number which you email to the supplier so they can pick the cash up. WU send you an email at each stage and confirm when the cash has been picked up.

  • Thanks so much Susie, that's really helpful and reassuring, I'll do it that way next time.

  • Good to know bank transfers do not need to cost you a fortune:-) I agree with you Thai sellers are more than likely to find a way to continue to sell their products. I have come to depend completely on Thai NDT as I can only get Armour and Erfa in Belgium, and I don't find either brand good enough to be willing to pay several hundreds of € a year...even though Erfa denies any reformulation, it's obvious something happened to it when they started to manufacture the pills in Spain instead of Belgium. I guess we'll never find out what exactly...

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