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Heavy Metals & Hashi's

Having had the heavy metals test results - very high in 4 - and being treated by the Naturopath I've had blood test results from the GP and I'm wondering if I no longer have Hashi's?

Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration (XabCy) 34 iu/ml (0.0 - 60.01)

<60 IU/ML Negative

60 - 100 IU/ML Doubtfull clinical significance

>101 IU/ML Clear positive

Also I had increased to 4 grains Armour but GP said too much so went down to 3 1/2 - altho because of the heavy metals I reckon nothing works properly and everything is skewed!

TSG <0.05 miu/L (0.2 - 5.5) Below reference limit

Free T4 25.0 pmol/L (10.0 - 24.5) Above high reference limit

Free T3 8.2pmol/L (3.9 - 6.7)

Ferritin 104 ug/L (10.0 - 300.0)

Any advice gratefully received.

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Hello topaz1

If I'm reading correctly that your Antithyroid Peroxidase Antibody count is 34 iu/ml (0.0 - 60.01), then this is negative so you are free of them.

However, don't forget there are Antithyroglobulin antibodys with Hashimoto disease so I guess you need testing for these as well to be sure.

I don't take Armour so can't comment on hormone test results.



Thanks Flower007 - I wonder if my GP will do the other antibody test. Must ask.


Good luck, doctors don't like doing antibody tests as there is no treatment in their medical text books but we know different. lol.

Well done for getting your TPOAb down to negative. What was your count at initial diagnosis of Hashimotos?



June last year - TPO antibodies -70 iu/ml (0 - 60)

< 60 - negative

60 - 100 - doubtful clinical sig

>101 clear positive - above high ref limit

Not all that much difference except for the 1st figure!!

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How are the heavy metals treated? Was thinking i need to get this and Virus testing next, altho i don't know what you can do with a Virus, anyway. 4 grs of Armour is not too much, if you are not having hyper symptoms. If you are still having classic hypo ones, then i would switch to t3 only. This is what Dr. Lowe did. 4 grs of ndt doesn't have that much t3 in it. Some people need more. I would stop doing thyroid labs and treat by symptoms. Easy enough to cut back if you take a bit much. Plus..your ft4 is over are not converting very well at all. The toxicity can hinder that, but now all the non converted t4 is building up, you may be t4 toxic at some point. But, in lowering your dose, you lost some t3. This is only one reason that i gave up on ndt.


Thank you for that very interesting information. I am worried that I could just keep on increasing the Armour dose and because of the metals nothing happens! The Naturopath has given me chlorella as a sort of general detox (I think) and I'm taking an antidote for lead (drops, dont know what it is). I have about 4 metals very high so I think they will be dealt with one at a time. I will remember what you said about t4 toxicity and not enough t3.


I would think that the body could detox itself? That's what it does everyday. I would also think that being hypothyroid would slow that process down, because it slows down all organs..everything. Maybe a person could be toxic from being undermedicated on thyoid...actually, i am quite sure of it. Just worth thinking about.


I mean, maybe you are toxic because you are hypothyroid,


I agree about everything slowing down because of having thyroid problems, but these metals have evidently built up over the years (I'm 70) and my body has been unable to get rid of them - hence the help from the Naturopath. From my blood tests my GP said I was over-medicated on Armour! - cant win.


You can't tell by blood tests if you are overmedicated on Thyroid meds, not really. Some people are resistant to thyroid hormone and their labs are sky high, but they are very hypo. Be careful, do research. I think the naturepaths are very likely to go after your money, just like doctors getting kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.


Thanks faith63 - need to do some more reading


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