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Feeling of lump in neck and throat

Feeling of lump in neck and throat

Hi, I started with breast cancer in September 2012, has mastectomy and the full works of chemo and radiotherapy. Ever since the hospital put in the 'port' for the chemo I've had the feeling of something in my throat and neck. My doctor and the oncologist said to was impossible for it to be the port (which goes into the juggler vein in the neck via a thin tube).

I was so sure it was this but I had it removed last December and I still have the same feeling. I've had a camera up my nose and into my throat and nothing! I've had a thyroid test and nothing! I also have very severe joint pain in my knees, groin, shoulders and hands, I take 7mg Predisinone everyday and it's not too bad, only my hands are bad.

I have a rash on my forehead which doesn't bother me at all other than its there.

Can anyone help me find out the cause of the Phantom lump in my neck/throat?

Kind regards Babydoo

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Babydoo, I think the camera in your throat would have shown a thyroid nodule or goitre. The phantom lump may be something called Globus Sensation.

Vitamin D deficiency/low levels can cause significant musculoskeletal pain. Ask for a vitamin D blood test. Correcting my vitamin D deficiency completely resolved the hip and knee joint pain which prevented me sleeping.


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