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lump in throat and scared

dec last year diagnoised with slipped disc, may 2012 had slight stroke , whilst in hospital blood test showed borderline , requested gp to re do test in 3 to six month . oct had test done and got phone call off gp next day to come in same day ,PANIC by me thinking allsorts, was told my thyroid very under active and was the worst she had seen , was put on 50 thyroxine , blood test repeated 6 week later had hardly moved so upped it to 100. blood test due next week , got all the symptoms tired all the time depressed hair loss dry skin etc, still feel the same , 4 weeks ago got a sore throat which has got worse and lump in throat hard to swollow and hoarse voice, braved going dr on wed this week refered me to hospital for scan , they phoned yesterday go on wed 19th , what is all this about , so scared dont think i can take any more bad news , sorry for ranting , hope everyone has a great christmas ,

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So sorry to hear this, the good news is they are not hanging about. Let us know what happens. Hope it isn't serious, will be thinking of you. x


thankyou , yes they have been great and very quick to get me appointment , thats whats worrying me , will keep posted


Hi at the beginning of last year I had a sore throat and my voice went very deep and I couldn't sing at all which I like to do all the time although not very good. Any way I had to go hospital to get a nodule off my voice box and I have been fine since. Voice back to normal that same day. I was only in as a day patient.

Jo xx


Hopefully it is nothing to worry about. I think feeling a lump in your throat and having a hoarse voice/sore throat are quite common in hypothyroidism, particularly if the thyroid is a bit swollen/enlarged.

It is good that you don't have to wait to long and hopefully you will be reassured by the scan results. xx


thats exactly what I was going to say. I had a lump/pressure in my thyroid area for about a year before diagnosis. hoarse voice, couldnt sing anymore :(

Try not to worry, you are on the road to recovery.

Stay with this site, you will learn so much and get your health back, or much better xxxx


I had very similar symptoms and it turned out to be sub-acute thyroiditis - not pleasant, but not as bad as you might be fearing. It's not necessarily bad news, so try not to think the worst.



Let's hope it's nothing significant but it's always better to know and whatever happens the doctors will have a plan. I had to wait 9 weeks for my scan, a further three for biopsies etc., and am now almost three months post my total thyroidectomy which was a complete success. So don't fear what the future may bring, that won't help or change anything. Focus on being positive and work with your doctors for the best outcome.


Hi Sorry for your problems. My voice has been simply dreadful for years and swallowing, of course etc. My thyroid is very enlarged with nodules. That is quite common and diagnosed with an ultra sound, However if that shows something,,you will also have a Parathyroid test, , which includes the thyroid.it is a radio active scan, nuclear, including a CT. nothing nasty. , Just requires an isotope injection .and lying still intermittently for about 3 hours.

Best wishes,



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