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Feeling of lump in throat causing constriction - scan shows *very* small thyroid nodules which doc says can't cause this. Any ideas?

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Hi guys! I'm undiagnosed as far as thyroid problems go (trying to get a referral to an endo from my GP), but I seem to have all the symptoms of Hashimoto's. I'm currently trying to get further tests and some more answers.

But, the thing that led me to looking at thyroid problems as a possible reason for all my symptoms is the fact that an ultrasound scan of my neck (done to find out why my feet are always swelling) found three small thyroid nodules - the biggest being just 4mm.

In recent months, I've had a feeling of a lump in my neck/throat, just at the front. It isn't visible - but when my neck is in certain positions it feels like it constricts my throat and windpipe. This is particularly problematic in bed at night - I struggle to get my neck into a position where it doesn't feel uncomfortable. This can sometimes lead to breathing problems - I can hear myself rasp and I've even woken myself up doing so! I also have problems with swallowing sometimes - especially taking pills which always seem to stick in my throat. Basically, anything which I can't chew into something really soft and small seems to get stuck.

I've told both my GP, and a general surgery consultant I was referred to, about this but they both say this "lump" I can feel can't be due to my thyroid nodules as they are so small. A GP other than my normal one who I saw just before Christmas tried to explain it by saying I was stressed so that was why it felt like I had a lump - in other words, it's all in my head! (I have an appointment with my regular GP in the New Year, and she does tend to listen and not dismiss me like that)

Have any of you any ideas what might be going on here? Is this feeling of a lump in your neck/throat usual for people with thyroid problems? (most likely, Hashimoto's)

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I am treated and am well (hypo) but I still feel as if I have a lump in my throat. I just assume it is my thyroid gland. I have been on medication for six years.

Did your GP do a thyroid antibodies check, if so do you have a print-out of your blood test results complete with the ranges (it is important to get these) and also your thyroid gland blood tests and post for comments.

If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org (on holiday till 6th Jan) she has a list of sympathetic NHS Endos and private doctors.

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CarolineC57 in reply to shaws

Hi shaws - thanks for your reply! Although I'm sorry you have it too it's kind of reassuring to know I'm not the only one.

I did have a thyroid antibodies blood test when I was sent to this general surgeon back in October - but he retired about two days after I'd seen him, and would you believe it but my blood test results have got lost somewhere between him and the new consultant! So no-one knows the results as they haven't been sent to my GP either. My TSH always comes out "normal" but that's the only thyroid test I've had at my GP's so far.

I've already asked for the list of endos via the contact form on the site, and I have an appointment with my GP in the New Year. Armed with the info I've found out from here, I'll be asking her for a full range of blood tests and a referral to an endo.

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shawsAdministrator in reply to CarolineC57

The word 'normal' referring to thyroid gland tests when people have clinical symptoms is awful. Do get a print-out of your blood tests and the ranges as labs differ and it helps members to comment.

The medical professionals should take account of clinical symptoms but they don't know them in the first place. Dr Toft says if you have antibodies, levo should be given to 'nip things in the bud'. I suppose he means before you develop more clinical symptoms. Your GP may only request a TSH and T4 but you can get a T3 yourself from one of the labs.



Re swelling:-


What about your swollen feet? Why did they scan your neck because you had swollen feet, is it connected to thyroid problems? I only ask as I have swollen feet, mine seem much worse in the summer. I have Hashimoto's also.

Hi Helenback! Goodness knows why they scanned my neck to look at my feet - what these doctors do is beyond my comprehension! They were scanning my neck and pelvic area to try to find out what was causing the foot problems - but the only thing they found were these thyroid nodules - which, apparently, have nothing to do with swollen feet - so they tell me.

I did see in an article on the main ThyroidUK site (I think) that swollen feet (and hands) is part of Hashimoto's - but, as I said above, they haven't investigated me for that yet.

I guess your swollen feet are part of your Hashimoto's?

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Helenback

This is re swelling:-


Hi there, I can totally feel your worry as I too have the same issues, I have mulinodular goitre ( hashimotos) and was told all normal and yet feel the same symptoms as you, in fact identical, more prominent in the evening when I lie down, feel like my throat is restricted sometimes I can deal with it and other times it is scary. What I have read is with hashimotos you get flares or elevated antibodies that will cause symptoms of hypothyroidism. I am not sure why your feet was not scanned??? Bloody typical. I don't no myself why this is happening but I do no it can be hypothyroid related or food intolerance allergies or gerd. It's looks like when the thyroid swell due to whatever co factors, cause this. I am trying to establish myself which one causes what. I will post to you when I find the cause. Hope this helps, just wanted to note, you are not alone. X

Look up Globus Sensation. I find swallowing saliva and small round pills tricky, feels like they're stuck to the back of the throat. Big pills and vitamin caps, no problem.

I think it may be anxiety related but I've never been able to tranq or sedate it away. I had it years prior to TT. When the nodule began pressing on my windpipe & gullet it faithfully stuck by me and post TT I still have it. :(

Thanks, everyone! I was pretty certain this must be part of the same thyroid problem. And so, in the New Year, I'll be going to see my GP armed with all the useful info I've found out from here, and trying to get a referral to an endo (who may or may not help - but I'll cross that bridge if I come to it). Thanks all!

I had very similar symptoms and my doctor concluded it was an allergic reaction to some medication I was taking. See if taking Benadryl helps. If so it is probably an allergy to something.

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CarolineC57 in reply to Jslov

Thanks jslov. Actually, this was over a year ago now. I've since seen a private doctor about thyroid and adrenal problems (the NHS reckoned my tests were "normal" so they wouldn't treat me). I've been taking NDT and adrenal support for over 6 months now with the support of this doctor, and many of my symptoms - including this "lump" in my throat - are either much better or gone. :-)

I'd like to try and save up to see someone private but no one north in Scotland!!?? 😢

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