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Will I need to re-test?

I had my bloods taken at the hospital first thing Monday morning for 6 monthly check up with Endo. THS, free t4, free T3, Vit D, calcium. Since that morning I have come down with a really bad case of the flu - temperature, aching limbs, cough, swollen glands in neck. I use to get this yearly so know it will take a week at least to run its course. Fortunately this is the first time I have had it in decades. I would just like to know if you think this will have affected my blood test results in any way. I had to re schedule Endo appointment due to this and am now due to see him end June. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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PatsyCline, a non-thyroidal illness/virus can raise TSH and lower FT3 in euthyroid people but I really don't know whether it would affect the results of someone on thyroid replacement.


Thanks Clutter


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