Now taking levo at night, do I need to miss it when I get the next blood test?

I've always taken mine first thing in the morning, but from reading things here have changed to taking at night and am sleeping (and feeling) generally better. I'm also taking Vit D although no idea if D3 or D2, it doesn't say on the bottle, so assume it's the D2 (will check next time I buy some!).

Waiting to see Endo in a few weeks as sick of arguing with the GP about it. I did decrease from 150mg to 125 (everyone seems aghast that I was so high but was happiest and healthiest at 175mg, which GP kept wanting me to reduce even before he saw any bloods).

Can anyone advise? Would the TSH still be lowest first thing?

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I skip mine the night before a test and take the tablet(s) with me to swallow immediately after.

TSH tends to be HIGHEST in the early morning. Which is likely what you want if you are trying to persuade them to allow you to take more. I always try to get in at 08:00 as the phlebotomy unit opens.


Thanks, Rod - yes, I meant highest. Doh! And that's exactly what I want. I'll have to find out what time the hospital unit opens.

Thanks for the link - isn't it a shame that they don't operate phlebotomy units at night! LOL

Hi. I've also changed to taking mine at night since reading it on here. Saw my Dr three days ago. He upped my dose back to 150 mg from 125mg for last two month. Asked about meds before blood test and he said just take as normal. Good luck! X

I've usually skipped the morning and maybe the morning before. Drs, eh?!

I was told to take my meds before a test to avoid a false low result. Out of curiosity I did, and then of course they reduced my dose! You probably want a false low to get enough meds to feel well (I know I do). I don't take mine for two nights before a test - that works for me.

I used to drop a dose before my test and was always good on that. Perhaps dropping two and doing an early morning test would be a good way of shocking the doctor.

My doc, when I told him I had switched to taking levo at night, said , 'so what?' He didn't think it made any difference when you took it (and he's hypo too, on 200mg a day).

I was talking to a friend who has been through some terrible times wtih doctors and thyroid and talking about my doctor who insists on treating according to TSH and T4, she said "He's an imbecile". I had to laugh - I like him, but she's right!

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