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Would I benefit a trial of T3?


I have had recent blood test results:

TSH 1.53 (0.34 - 5.60)

FT4 15.70 (7.5 - 20.00)

FT3 3.30 (3.80 - 6.00)

I am wondering if a trial of T3 may be beneficial however; i am unable to obtain it by prescription on the NHS where i live. i am contemplating self medicating but would prefer to be under the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing. i am happy to pay if needs be as i am fed of feeling rubbish most of the time.

i also take prescribed Vitamin D and progesterone. Symptoms i am still experiencing are extreme tiredness, unrefreshed sleep, pains in joints, lack of energy, brain fog, weight gain and i'm sure many others i have got used to since being diagnosed in 2012.

i currently take 150mcg of levothyroxine per day.

Please can someone give any advice of where i can go with this as it seems the NHS' hands are tied.

Many thanks.

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IC, to know what to do means you have to know why you are not converting very well. I'm assuming you are not taking any thyroid hormone. You seem to be producing T4 although your ranges look rather strange compared to what is normally posted here. The TSH especially is odd since most are 1.00 to 3.00 or thereabouts. What kind of measurements are those?

T3 may not be the best first thing to take. Personally if you have an iodine test and are deficient, it may help and then a natural desiccated is easier to control in my opinion. Your adrenals may be at fault for low T3 because stress produces high cortisol and that may cause FT3 to turn into reverse T3. You also need good iron levels to convert FT4 to FT3. It does take detective work which you may end up having to do yourself. This is a tutorial about thyroid and adrenal glands if you have an interest.


Hi Heloise

I have incorrectly written the range for TSH, my result was 1.53 with a range of 0.34 - 5.60 and i am taking 150mcg levo. Should i be asking for a reverse T3 test and Iodine?


lc1973, I've edited your post and inserted the correct TSH range. You can edit your posts by clicking on the v down arrow and selecting Edit. Click on the orange Edit Response to submit your changes.

rT3 testing doesn't seem to be available on the NHS other than a trial being run at Southampton. Don't supplement iodine unless you test and show deficient. You are getting iodine from Levothyroxine.

I think you are slightly undermedicated on 150mcg but I suspect raising to 200mcg might still leave you with low FT3 and you probably will benefit from adding T3 to your existing 150mcg dose.

You should start with a quarter tablet, 6.25mcg, to acclimate for a week or two. You can take T3 with your Levothyroxine. Increase to 12.5mcg after 2 weeks, splitting the dose 6-12 hours apart. Have an FT3 test, not sooner than 8 weeks as there is little likelihood of FT3 going over range, but before increasing further. Be aware that taking T3 is likely to lower or even suppress your TSH and may make FT4 drop too.

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I think that changes things a bit. I've been leaning more toward what the video says and that is your body (thyroid and adrenals) are reacting normally for what is going on and rather than just replacing their performance, try to correct your conversion problem which I think needs addressing. Your T4 is not that low but your T3 is very low by comparison. I would get ferritin and other cofactors tested now rather than iodine. This 5 min. video explains.



You sound exactly like me, I too am thinking of this, let me know how you get on?


Hi cal1971

similar age too i'm guessing?!! Yes, please let me know how you get on too! i'm seeing the doctor on friday but could do with pointing the doctor in the right direction without blinding them with science! It really does seem that we have to do all the detective work to try and feel better doesnt it! i've not been right since before being diagnosed in 2012.


I would say most definately yes. You aren't converting your T4 to T3 and that will make you feel very ill. T3 is the active hormone, T4 is the storage hormone.

If you are taking vit D, it would probably help if you took magnesium, zinc and vit K2 with it. They all work together, and low magnesium can make you feel very ill. :)


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