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A Poem I would like to share about how I have been feeling - Endocrinologist chose not to read it!

I like to write poems as a way to keep my sanity and let my emotions out and I would like to share this with you.


There is so little left of me

I am not the person I used to be

Very slowly I am dying day by day

Doctors just ignore the symptoms I display

Sorry to tell you my ailments are not textbook

But you could learn from me if you cared to look

Whatever is wrong with me could be put right

If only you would listen to my plight

My body is getting heavier and slow

My memory is disappearing, where to I don't know

I used to be brilliant in grammar and spelling

Now I keep having to check all the words that are rebelling

All I ask is you take the tests in a different way

Instead of saying all is fine, what a cliché

Treat me and not the test results

After all you are the expert I have to consult

Tell me I can have the medication I need

No matter what the cost is or the NHS has decreed

See me as someone who will not survive

Unless you take action to keep me alive

So from today I put myself in your hands

Asking you to treat my poorly thyroid gland

I will place my trust and gratitude in you

Please stay with me until you reach a breakthrough

Good health to you all.

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Lovely well written piece Iphoenix. It doesn't surprise me that your endo didn't want to read it though, probably too embarrassed & didn't want to acknowledge the pain & frustration that you & many more of us have to endure because 'they' don't listen & even when they do they'll put symptoms down to depression or whatever else they feel like pulling out of the hat.


I did tell him about this site and the fact that most people here are self medicating because they cannot get the medication they need and he said he understood and I will give him immense credit that he gave me T3.


Your poem sums up how many of us feel. Hope you are starting to feel better with the T3. I have been prescribed it and do feel better. Only two weeks though but hoping it lasts.


Well written Iphoenix , thanks for sharing


Your poem is so beautiful and touching. I feel your pain. I know. @lphoenix



Your poem speaks truth, even if ugly and bad,

Expression presides, when one is so sad.

Endos can’t read truth, their soul is for sale,

Thank God for our forum, I wish you much well.


I think your poem describes just what goes through our minds but also the solace this site brings to us. Thanks to you all administration and members you bring back the humanity to us and give us the hope we need to cling on to life. Love and good health to you all. :)

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Well done. Couldnt have said it better.

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Congratulations, it is very poignant. Probably Endos hands are tied due to the intransigent guidelines laid down by the BTA.


Oh, how I sympathise with that feeling, I understand every word of that. I have battled since the New Year and only recently have found out that my problems are due to side effects of Levothyroxin thanks to the forums and Thyroid UK. I am now on NDT and due to see an Endo early June, I'm not putting much hope on that as from the research I have done GP's and Endo's aren't allowed to prescribe or discuss NDT. I am lucky as my Surgery is being very supportive with my decision and helping with monitoring and blood tests, but having to pay for NDT myself and struggled to find a private GP in my area to prescribe it. This has held up me going onto NDT so have felt even worse the last couple of weeks. Now finally since starting NDT last Monday I am beginning to see the wood for the trees. I do hope you find a solution to your problem which may not be the same as mine and you get the help you need.


Hi Rosierebel, You mentioned that, according to the research you have done, endos and GPs are not allowed to prescribe NDT. Is this "NDT ban" written down anywhere? Are there any specific guidelines or legislation that prohibits them from prescribing NDT? I'll be looking into this and it would help me to know what you have found so far. Thank you!


I can certainly identify with your excellent, meaningful poem.

Your words are so poignant, but truly descriptive of the realities & problems of 'proper treatment' for so many hopeful people! The main message for me is that as a human being with thyroid issues... I once had a life, an identity.... Now there is so little left of me. Not only have I gained an awareness of your physical and emotional pain, but also a realisation that you have looked into my eyes and witnessed mine!

Thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel.

Hope & Dreams once more I wish for us all, Thank You Pixiewixie


Well you couldn't have put it better, and I know just how you felt when the so called professional Endocrinologist wouldn't read it. Maybe you could have it printed in large print and pin it near his office. He will read it when he hears about it from others. When I was 41 I went to my doctor about my putting on weight. I was always 8.6 and in a short time put on a stone. He said I was going through the change and put me on HRT. When the weight kept increasing I decided to see another doctor a Women, within the Surgery. I wrote down my symptoms so that I would save her time and so that I wouldn't forget anything. I made a double appointment too. When I saw her, I said, I have written my symptoms down. As I put my hand out with the note of symptoms she said Crossly, "I haven't got time for this". And she wouldn't take the note from me. I reminded her that this was a double appointment. She stood looking at me until I turned and walked out. I firmly believe that If patients are seen and diagnosed promptly, instead of Doctors SEEING HOW IT GOES! patients would not put on the weight because the treatment would kick in immediately. It's the hanging on for Doctors to make up their minds that causes the weight gain. I was 14 stone by the time I was diagnosed. I have stayed at this weight even though my appetite has never increased. I am now 72 years old. I am amazed that young people are still paying the price for Doctors and Endocrinologist's incompetence. Anyone who is diabetic would get help in losing the weight, but Hypothyroid patients have to live with it.


Well done. I too wrote a poem about how I felt when going through a really bad time with my thyroid. On reading it again some time later it made me feel very emotional.This condition we have is very misunderstood and played down by those who do not know how devastating it can be at times.


You hit the nail on the head Phoenix. Every line is all so true. I pretty much wrote the line, "But you could learn from me if you cared to look" in a letter I wrote yesterday to a new Endo (I am firing my latest TSH n T4 Endo), trying to appeal to my new one in the hope that he takes me on and that he isn't another TSH n T4 doc.


Very clever👍spoken from the heart.💓


Thank you so much Jeaniepw that means so much to me. I am glad you liked it.


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