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I was on 30 mcg of NHS T3, since my prescription was cancelled I ordered Uni Pharma T3 which is 25 mcg, how much to take now?

I was on NHS T3 but recently informed that I can't get it prescribed any longer (as I explained in my previous post). Since I can't live without T3 (especially since I had total thyroidectomy) I ordered it on my own online. I still have some of NHS T3 left and I am taking 30 mcg, 1 and 1/2 of tablet. I now have Uni Pharma T3 where tablets are 25 mcg. How to take it to be closest to the dose I am used to. Many thanks.

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Quarter a tablet and take 1 and a quarter tablets which is 31.25mcg.

Thank you. That would be about the same dose I am used to.

Use a scalpel or ultra-sharp hobby knife to quarter your tablets. It gets easier with practice. Make sure you always do it in good light. I've always found this to be better than pill cutters.

I have a pill cutter but not a very good one. It always crumbles any tablets that I want cut. I guess it's not sharp enough. Maybe I'll try hobby knife as you suggested. Thanks.

I use a pill cutter to cut my T3 into quarters

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Thanks. This one is probably much better than the one I have. It's old anyway, so it's probably time to get a new one.

I get a new pill cutter from time to time, they tend to become blunt over years and it's really not possible to sharpen them like you do with knifes.

Thank you. Mine has 10 years or more. No wonder it's not sharp. Should definitely get a new one.

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You don't have to buy expensive pill cutters. I get cheap ones every few years. It works fine for me.

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Thank you, that's a good idea.

I get mine from Amazon. Cheap as chips!

Thanks, I'll take a look right away.

I can send you link to the pill cutter I am getting on Amazon on PM if you want

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Yes please.

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