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Some advice about blood test results please.

Hi I recently posted about the best time to have bloods taken and followed the advice given i.e early morning before food.

I have got a copy of my results but it looks as though everything is well within the normal range so I am now despairing as I feel awful. I am constantly cold, basal temp ranging from 35.0- 35.9 I have been taking it daily for the last 4 weeks.

Average daily temperatures just below or around 36.

Skin as dry as sandpaper, hair brittle and very dry ( hairdresser commented on it when I had it cut a couple of weeks back).

Scalloped tongue, extreme tiredness, brain fog, I could go on.

I should add that I have a strong family history of under active thyroid problems on both maternal and paternal (mother + two of her sisters, fathers side three sisters).

I am 54 and have gone through the menopause.

My cholesterol has been steadily rising , although not measured on this occasion.

Bloods as follows:

serum TSH 2.04mU/L (0.30-5.0)

serum fT4 16.6pmol/L(11.0-23.0)

serum vit B12 534 ng/L (172-1162)

serum folate 7.1 ug/L (4.6- 18.7)

I was supposed to have ferritin levels measured bit D checked and the thyroid antibodies checked in addition but they appear not to have been done, they were on the blood form, I will have to call in to the surgery tomorrow to find out if they forgot to give me that sheet.

I have another appointment with my GP next week, I am not sure how that will go as he was sure that I was exhibiting all the signs of a thyroid condition when I originally saw him a few weeks back.

I am hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on why I feel so rotten.

I have other blood results but all appear about mid range.

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hi when i had my antibodies checked they took longer to come back than the tsh and t4.

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Knitywitty, Cholesterol rises in hypothyroid patients. It should drop when you are optimally medicated.

It takes 7/8 days for Levothyroxine to be absorbed and up to 6 weeks for the full impact of the starting dose to be felt and start working...


Knitwitty, I've edited this post to be readable by 'everyone' and will delete your duplicate post. 'Everyone' is viewable on the internet by non-members. 'Community' means only members belonging to HU Thyroid UK can read your posts.

You can edit your own posts by clicking on the v down arrow underneath your post, selecting edit and clicking on the orange Edit response button when you've made your changes.


Thank you as you have probably already guessed I am a bit of a novice.


Knitwitty, 'twas easier for members when the stoopid v down arrow clearly said Edit prior to a site change last year.

Techies don't get it that we don't always get what symbols are for :x

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Thanks again for your help, as I am going to see the GP again next week, and if he agreed to give me a trial of levo based on symptoms would it harm me?

I am waiting to see if I have thyroid antibodies as I believe those results may take longer, in addition to Vit D status



It won't harm you just because bloods aren't abnormal and if a trial is offered and helps resolve symptoms it means you do need it.

Bite his arm off if he offers a trial of Levothyroxine but please don't get your hopes up, I think with your unequivocally normal bloods it is unlikely to be offered.


Thanks again, I forgot to mention that I am having a scan on my thyroid next week as the Dr also thought I might be developing a goitre.

I appreciate your comments and keep you updated.


Knitwitty, goitre can develop when the thyroid is struggling to produce thyroid hormone. Your GP sounds proactive and helpful.


Thanks for everything I will post more if I find out anything new, I am shattered and off to bed.

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.


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