Hi, I think I am going crazy, so hopefully some / one of you will be able to help me or even empathy at this point would be massive support.

My problems began after the birth of my last baby 4years ago, I wasn't feeling right all through the pregnancy and put it down to a change in my hormones but after the birth I still just didn't feel right so I had a blood test and was told everything is ok. Fast forward a bit and In December 2013 I lost my voice, had a very dry cough and flu like symptoms little bit of temperature nothing big so i just ignored it. My voice returned but the cough continued with the same flu like symptoms so I went to the doctors. I was told that it's probably viral. 5 days later with a high temperature I returned to the doctor I couldn't hear in my left ear but they couldn't see an infection but I end up with 250mg amoxicillin "just in case".

Long story short , my cough and every 2 weeks temperature didn't stop, plus lots of other things like nose bleeds, headaches, heart arrhythmia, constantly tired, short of breath, feeling depressed, painful and irregular periods, hair loss..

Finally after 7 GP visits, 7 lots of antibiotics, a clear chest X-ray and an apparently clear neck / thyroid scan (which I had to ask for) and still no diagnosis (it was now October 2014) I decided to go to Slovakia where I am originally from.

I had asthma and allergy tests - all clear, I was tested for atypical bacterial infections and they said that I had chest chlamydia and mycoplasma but they could tell me when but I had the antibodies in my blood. They did a flow cytology blood test and told me that immunity was very low. They also said that I have low iron and high cholesterol. I also visited a gynaecologist and every test come back normal. The last doctor I visited was an endocrinologist and they did a full check up. My blood test didn't show anything, my thyroid is in normal size range but on the scan they found 1 4mm nodule on right side and 2 small nodule on left side and 2 "areas" also on the left side. The Doctor said that just by looking at the nodules they can't rule out any disorder and she suggested that I come back in 3 months and if there was a change then she would do a biopsy.

I returned to the UK with all the results hoping that the immunity support treatment what they gave me back in Slovakia would help and the doctors here will monitor the thyroid, and problem would be sorted.

I did feel better for a month my cough stopped and I had little bit more energy but in the middle of November everything came back except this time I felt a small pea size ball in my neck on the left side. I went back to the GP with all the paper results from Slovakia and he referred me to ENT. Whilst waiting to see ENT I was diagnosed with shingles (they were under my armpit on the left side). 2 weeks later I saw an ENT specialist and after a short examination I have been told that the lymph node may be up because the shingles and they very happy to discharge me. I showed them the thyroid scan what I had done in Slovakia but they said is nothing to do with it but if I want they can repeat the scan. My appointment come in 3 weeks and I was booked for a Fine Needle Aspiration they scan they found only one nodule on my thyroid on the right side and the lymph node on the left side was just slightly enlarged. Even after showing them my previous scan they were positive that there was nothing on the left side of the thyroid. On my way from the hospital I booked myself to see a private radiologist (the following day).They confirmed the same findings as the Endocrinologist in Slovakia. I went back to the ENT where they referred me to see another ENT consultant in another hospital (The thyrpid specialist for my area), they did a scan and also performed Fine Needle Aspiration of "the area" on the left side. All this happened in February this year (2015) and after me calling them every week to find out my results I just saw the consultant (10weeks after my biopsy) and I have been told that results are Th3a what is basically abnormal atypical cells they can't tell what is going on, my blood is normal so they will repeat the biopsy in 6months. Even after telling them I am ill every 2 weeks, sleeping 12 hours and still tired during the day, have pain in my left side of the neck, cough stopped but I have urge to clean my throat, my skin is dry and have painful spots all over my chin and they said its nothing to do with my thyroid or neck and I should see a dentist ( like I didn't) ... I am desperate for some answers I don't know what to do.I am taking a lots of supplements and vitamins and antioxidants-selenium, iodine,all B, D, Iron, magnesium.My husband took me for a long weekend to the Italy to have some break from everything, but I just spoiled it for him as I had such a mood swings and I can't control my behaviour. When I try talking to him and specially about it medical stuff we end up arguing. My friends don't understand and I am just in this vicious circle of being sick and tired, angry, emotional and feel like going mad...

Is there any other person here what can relate to this and help me what to do next..

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  • Welcome to the forum, Denka.

    Normal range for thyroid levels is very broad, can you post your results with the lab ref ranges as it helps members to advise.

    Thyroid nodules are very common and Thy3 usually means inconclusive which can be due to the difficulty of obtaining a decent sample from a small nodule. Watch and wait, repeating FNAs every 3-6 months is the usual protocol. Thyroid nodules don't usually cause hypothyroid symptoms.

    Have thyroid peroxidase (TPO) and thyroglobulin (Tg) antibodies been tested? From your symptoms I'd hazard a guess that you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). This can cause hyper and hypo symptoms as the autoimmune attacks on the gland causing swelling and destroy cells which dump hormone. Bloods are unequivocally normal in a lot of cases but the Hashi flares and antibodies can make one very unwell and the mood swings can be horrendous.

    It's good that you are supplementing to support your immune system but did you test for iodine deficiency before supplementing? Too much iodine can trigger Hashimoto's.

  • Thank you I will order iodine test.

  • Without knowing your actual blood test results its hard but strongly suggests to me that with low iron and high cholesterol your hypothyroid

    Best bet is to order NDT from web and self treat

  • What is NDT, please?

  • Thank you guys,

    my Thyroid blood results from Slovakia May 2014 by GP

    Tsh - 4,33 Ref:0,35-4,94

    T3 - 5,650 Ref:2,63-5,70

    T4 - 13,190 Ref:9,00-19,00

    From October 2014 by Endocrinologist

    Tsh - 3,990. 0,35-5,10

    T4 - 14,930. 10,50-22,70

    Anti TPO - 0,500. 0,0-1,00

    Anti TG - 0,400. 0,00-1,00


    0 min-327,200 ref118,6-618

    30min - 656,800

    60min - 434,100

    I will have the copy of my latest UK blood test from February this year on Wednesday. But have been told is fine.

    Other conditions:

    Low iron

    High cholesterol

    Low immunity

    Chronic migraine

    Harlequin syndrome (after ganglioneuroma resection 30years ago)

  • Denka, it's not possible to interpret FT4, FT3, TPO and Tg antibodies without the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results). Post your latest results with the lab ref ranges in a new question and members will advise.

    The goal of Levothyroxine is to restore the patient to euthyroid status and for most this will mean TSH just above or below 1.0 with FT4 towards the top 75% of range. Read the comments of Dr. Toft in Treatment Options in the link below. Email if a full copy of the Pulse article will be useful to persuade your GP to increase dose.

  • Thank you, I will post the latest result with a lab ref range on Wednesday

  • Just reading about NDT on thyroid website. Thank you

  • Just a thought here - presumably your endocrinologist has checked your T3 - they usually do I understand - but you mention dry skin as well as tired and depressed - and made me think. My skin used to literally peel off - my trousers used to be covered inside with skin. When I was given T3 after a while all this stopped, or eased say 90%. But this is simply a thought.

  • Thank you guys,

    my Thyroid blood results from Slovakia May 2014 by GP

    Tsh - 4,33 Ref:0,35-4,94

    T3 free -5,65 red:2,63-5,70

    T4 free- 13,19 ref:9,00-19,00

    From October 2014 by Endocrinologist

    Tsh - 3,990 Ref:0,35-5,10

    T4 - 14,930. Ref:10,50-22,70

    Anti TPO - 0,500 ref: 0,0-1,00

    Anti TG - 0,400 ref 0,00-1,00

    Cortisol o min - 327,200

    Cortisol 30min - 656,800

    Cortisol 60min - 434,100

    I will have the copy of my latest UK blood test from February this year on Wednesday. But have been told is fine.

    Other conditions:

    Low iron

    Low hemoglobin

    High cholesterol

    Low immunity

    Chronic migraine

    Harlequin syndrome (after ganglioneuroma resection 30years ago)

  • Denka, I hope some more knowledgeable people will come back to advise you, I'm just starting out learning about these things!

    These results would would be better with the reference ranges. Because different labs use slightly different methods, you can't really interpret a result without knowing the ranges they work to. These are hopefully on your printout.

    But that TSH is certainly quite high. Which signifies being hypothyroid. Doctors tend to look only at at that, and are checking whether it reaches reaches some arbitrary cut off number. I think 4 is the lowest one that might be looked at. But some use numbers even higher, like 6 or 10. You likely would feel some improvement with some thyroid replacement.

  • Any chance that you have had an environmental exposure or are living in mould?

  • Yes I did :( I grew up in Slovakia at the same time as Chernobyl disaster. And many of my friends have a thyroid issues including one Wich has advance stage of thyroid cancer :(

  • Hi Denka, I cannot offer any words of wisdom but you have my sympathy - I hope you get answers and progression in your treatment soon. :-)

  • Well I think that explains it Denka - radiation is unpleasant stuff! I'm afraid I don't know anything about much of this. But perhaps it would be worth looking up treatment for radiation exposure? If such a thing exists. Are you taking selenium? That's key to many thyroid troubles. Vit C is a big one too, I took 4000mg a day for about 6 months to boost my system. D3 is important as well. It sounds to me like t3 could work for you, from my amateur research :) I really wish you the absolute very best and if I think of anything else I'll be back xx

  • Thank you

  • Ok I'm back!

    This has some good ideas for radiation detox. I think zeolite looks like a good bet...?

    Perhaps in combination, alongside an intensive program of nutrition and supplementation, some meditation/relaxation and the help of a specialist you could be on your way to healthier times. Good luck Denka, keep us posted. Xx

  • Thank you

  • My friend has very similar symptoms to you, a lump on her left thyroid and was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia also.

    Juicing seems to help a lot, helps with focus and moderate to good pain reduction.

    I know it's not much help but despite all the advances the UK health system is woefully lacking direct action, whether it be down to cost of treatments or incompetence or a little of both. I know people working for NHS are under a lot of pressure but sometimes it can get frustrating.

    I sympathise and wish you well.

  • Thank you

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