New labs

I'm a female......

Testosterone 42.1 LO (3.5-5.2)

Free testosterone LO 6.67 ( 30-150)

LH HI 39.3 ( 1.7-8.6)

Vitamin B12 563 ( 211-911)

Vitamin D LO 23.2 (32.0-100.0)

FSH 5.1 (1.5-12.4)

ACTH < 3 there is no ranges on the lab paperwork but now the endo wants me in tomorrow for infusion of it and retest of that lab tomorrow. I've already been diagnosed with hoshimotos. All thyroid levels "normal". Am I supposed to be feeling like such crap with labs like this? I still feel like it's taking way too long to put these puzzle pieces together to get some treatment and relief. Someone please advise

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  • Correction: testosterone 42.2 ( 249.0-836.0) Normal ranges are all in parentheses

  • Low testosterone will make you feel bad, yes.

    You're not on statins, by the way, are you? Because they will lower your testosterone. Not a good idea.

  • No I'm not in any treatment at all except vitamin d chewables

  • So, are you eating enough fat and cholesterol? Of course, if you're hypo, that will make it harder for the body to use the fat and cholesterol...

  • I try not to eat too much of those things, I'm a woman with two kids. And I already have high LDL and high HDL. My mom died of a stroke at 24, I really try not to, I supplement however with omega 3,5,7,,9 and 11 I think and try to get fat from fish.

  • I mean low HDL

  • The reason you have high cholesterol is most likely to be because you suffer from untreated hypothyroidism. A few decades ago testing cholesterol was part of the diagnostic process in getting a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, but thyroid knowledge appears to be going backwards. If you ever get your thyroid properly medicated your cholesterol should lower by itself.

  • How high a dose are your vitamin D chewables?

  • 1000 , I chew two in the morning and throughout the day I'll chew maybe one or two more if I'm feeling dizzy or tired

  • You need to check what type of vitamin D you are taking - there are two kinds available - D2 and D3. You must supplement D3.

    Your supplement doesn't appear to be a very high dose, but I need to check first what the units of measurement are to be sure. The US and UK use different units.

  • When I mentioned units of measurement, I was referring to this :

    Vitamin D LO 23.2 (32.0-100.0)

    Are those numbers in ng/ml or nmol/L ?

    And I'm assuming the units of measurement for your supplement are IU ?

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