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thyroid blood test results

i have just had my thyroid blood tests done again. my gp has said they are normal but i dont feel normal. i have such severe fatigue and dry skin etc. what do i do? i am on t3 50mcg a day. no tyroxine as felt so ill on it. my test results are

tsh 0.41

t3 4.4

t4 3

my gp wont help me anymore and just says there is nothing more can be done.

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Three months ago Clutter gave you some good advice about additional testing - things that if they are low - will continue to make you feel unwell. Did you have them done ? Perhaps if your GP will not action them - then perhaps you could have the tests done privately....



It is horrid feeling ill for so long but unless you get your nutrient levels tested, you can not establish any deficiencies.

Serious deficiencies can stop thyroid meds working and as you have been ill a while, this could be indicative of additional supplement requirements.

The four main deficiencies that people with thyroid issues suffer are Vit D, Vit B12, Folate and Ferritin.

Once done post results together with ranges (numbers in brackets) for people to comment.

If your doctor won't accomodate these important tests there are details of private testing company's on the Thyroid UK website.

You need to take care of yourself and be strong, and get this problem sorted as it won't go away by itself and you may become more ill.


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hello, thanks for replying. i had all those tests done a while back. i was deficiant in vitamin d and have had supplements since then and the level is fine now. the ferritin and folate and ab12 were normal


A "normal" result from a doctor is not a reliable result katherine107.

People with thyroid problems need optimal nutrient levels as our bodies have so many other issues to deal with.

If you can post your results people with advise whether your levels are high enough to stop further complications and help healing.



i will have to get them retested i think privately as i know my gp wont do the blood tests. can you recommend anywhere to get them done please


medichecks or blue horizon.


Details on Thyroid UK website, together with discount codes (I think).

If your old test results aren't too old they will suffice katherine107.

It is a good starting point rather than waiting for more.


Posted the link for private testing in my earlier post :-)

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