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Test results after changing from Levo to NDT

Here are my results for comments from you very kind & knowledgeable people . No supplements taken so far.

TSH 0.22 Range 0.35 - 5

FT4 10.3 9 - 24

FT3 4.3 2 - 4.4

Ferritin 179 15 - 250

Folate 17.1 2 - 17

Vit B12 314 200 - 900

Vit D 96 75 - 200

As I read it my FT3 is doing much better but I could afford to take more NDT to get more suppression. Is FT4 low because because T4 is being converted more efficiently ?

My previous tests, TSH only done, were in Jan 2014 3.5 (same range) Dec 2014 2.2 (same range)

The lab says to retest Vit D in 3 months if required and Doc notes that B12 is low. Can I get B12 level up with vitamin tablets or should I ask for shots ?


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Lidoplace, TSH is low, it doesn't have to be suppressed. FT3 is at the top of the range and if you increase NDT FT3 will overshoot. FT4 will be low due to increased conversion and because the T3 in NDT means there isn't need for higher storage levels of T4.

Ferritin, folate and vitD are good. No need to retest vitD but supplement 2-3,000iu vitD3 to maintain levels during Oct-Apr when ultraviolet light is too low to stimulate vitD.

B12 is low but within range so you won't get NHS injections or supplements but you can supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches which should boost you to around 700. Supplement a B complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced.


Thank you Clutter. I will start Vit B supplements and stay put on the current dose of NTD. Should I take vitamin C along with the B complex, as I am petrified of getting constipated having suffered a bad fissure previously while on Levo?


Lidoplace, B12 and B complex don't cause constipation. It's a good idea to take 1,000mg vitC though. Magnesium is very good if you find yourself becoming constipated. Dose to tolerance ie until stools are loose and then cut back to the previous dose to find your optimum mag dose. If you supplement mag you should also supplement zinc.


Thanks again Clutter. I am taking this all on board bit by bit- it's a lot to get to grips with as all this information is new to me, but I 'm getting there .


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