Change from Levo to NDT day 7 eergh !!

I would like advice opinion on how things are going , I presume in a week all the T4 that has built up has gone down ? I have been feeling very cold the last couple of days then woke up really hot last night , my throat is feeling quite tight again ( feels hard to speak ) I have been taking 1 grain split in 2 at 7am hour before food and the other half about lunchtime (nature thyroid ) I've been monitoring my pulse ,resting still about 60 and my temp is 37. My recent test results blue horizon were,this was prior to NDT on 75 Throxine .

TSH0.46 (0.27-4 2

T4 total 127 (64.5-142

Free t4 24.05 (12-22

Free T3 3.88( 3.1-6 .8 ....all vits in good range .

I felt very exhausted , joint pain on Throxine hence why the change .. 1 grain I understand is the equivalent to 100 Levo , I'm worried that I will not be able to increase anymore and was almost feeling I should go back to Levo .is it likely that I've had a flare up and this is causing the symptoms .thanks

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  • Val-55,

    Manufacturers claim 1 grain is bioequivalent to 100mcg. 38mcg T4 + 9mcg T3 is actually equivalent to 65-75mcg Levothyroxine. Members self medicating NDT seem to need a higher dose of NDT than the equivalent/bioequivalent dose.

    You could try 1.5 grains to see whether symptoms improve.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Thankyou for your reply ...I was thinking I had to stay 4 weeks ish on one grain is it ok to go up before then ,, my heart rate hasn't gone up with the T3 .Val

  • Val-55,

    It's usually advised to increase dose in half grain increments at 2 week intervals. As you appear to be tolerating T3 but are feeling hypo I don't think it will be harmful to increase after a week.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Thankyou , I think I will give another couple days and increase half grain as suggested .regards

  • Just thought I get a bit more advice if you don't mind ,,, I increased half grain to 1 half , felt fab forn2 days ,but last night had really racing heart ( no tightness or pain ) when I went to bed it probably better to stick at one grain nature thyroid for a bit. Longer ? ( I did have one small glass of wine with a meal at 7pm ) !!,

  • Val-55,

    If it happens again tonight go back to 1 grain for a couple of weeks and then raise by 1/4 grain.

  • Thankyou ,yes I will how it goes !

  • I should imagine you're still under-medicated, because you cannot convert well at all. Going back to levo only, therefore, would not do you any good. Your FT3 is much too low. And it's not one grain of NDT that is going to change that much. I'm not surprised you feel cold!

  • No don't want to go back ... Just feel a bit more anxious I suppose as Dr not involved ,,will persevere with increase .

  • Yes, you have to give it a fair trial. :)

  • If I can offer some encouragement. I switched from Levo 125mcgs (125 during week and 100 at weekends) six weeks ago.

    I was put on 1.5 grains of Nature Throid which is 65mgs for the 1 grain and 32.5mgs for the half grain. The first two or three weeks were not nice. I split the dose as advised on here taking the one grain am and half around 4-5pm but I felt so tired. So I reverted to taking it all in the am and hour before food as normal. This seemed to improve things a bit or may have just been coincidental but I did feel a bit better. By 6 weeks when next test due I knew I needed more and my tests reflected that so Endo upped by another half a grain which Im now taking in the pm. Again Im now feeling very yuk again in some ways and putting it down to the body getting used to another change in the meds. the improvements that I made like cold feet slowly disappearing have remained.

    Hang in there it does get better. Personally if I were me id wait before increasing your dose as 125mcgs of Levo is 90mgs of NDT so 1 grain should be fine for 75mcgs of Levo to start with but it takes time for the body to adjust.

  • Hi there

    I went from 100 levo to 1 grain ndt, retested after 4 weeks and endo upped dose to 1.5. I think they start out erring on the side of caution and give you a much lower dose than needed to kick off.

    Suggest looking at upping by half a grain

    Good luck

  • Thankyou , yes half a grain increase seems to be the consensus ,regards Val

  • Hey Val,

    I was on 75mg levo and nearly 6 weeks in I'm on 2 grains and i don't have any hyper symptoms so don't worry about increasing if you feel like you need to, either this week or next.

    Remember you weren't feeling great on the levo, so there's lots of factors involved here including the fact that you might not have been optimally medicated on levo (that's why u took the chance, right?), so hang in there and see.

    Also, the weather's not been great lately, I find that I'm often cold at the moment too, might not be just you! The weather is a bit too changeable for my body to adjust. July and the fan is not on most nights?? Urgh.

    In there mean time, good luck and hope you improve soon.

  • Yes I'm sure you are right the weather has been really cold lately ,I will persevere and increase ..suppose I'm worried incase I get palpitations ,had a lot a few years ago really horrible ..I'm hoping NDt might help with constant joint pains on Levo ..Thankyou for your reply and good wishes

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